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Draft 1-The Front Page

This is my first draft of the front cover for my magazine-‘Indigo’

Here is the feedback I was given from my peer, Heather:

  • Good chosen colour scheme
  • The Masthead is very unique and alternative
  • The main cover star and image is well chosen

Here are some targets given by my peer:

  • Add an issue date
  • Arrange the purple circles better so they aren’t cut off
  • The text underneath the main cover star is difficult to read
  • Make the images a bit bigger
  • Fill the space more by adding more text or images

I will be sure to use this feedback when making this draft better. I now know where to go from here and have a better idea on what my final piece should look like.

First Shoot Contact Sheets

These are my five contact sheets for my first photo shoot. The shoot went really well and I was very pleased with the overall shots. The images came out really well and definitely suited the Indie Rock genre.

I have definitely met my aims and targets for the shoot and was able to portray the look of an alternative and edgy music artist. My model, just like the lighting and costume, portrayed this very effectively. 

For my next shoot, I will focus more on the positioning of the camera and try to get a few more close up shots. 

Early Mock Ups

The images below are of my first early mock ups of my magazine cover (first) my contents page (second) and my double page spread (last).

I researched a lot about how to lay out my magazine and found inspiration in professional magazines such as: Vogue and Indie. I will most likely have to change some of the decisions I’ve made depending on what looks better on Indesign. But I will try and stick to this layout as much as possible. 

This task will help me when designing my music magazine as I will have starting point and am going to know where to go. 


So…I am ready to photograph my star

Camera and mise en scene have taught me that even the slightest change in positioning can change the way the audience sees my image. I know to be precise and clear on the message that I want to portray.

Mise en scene and camera will play a huge role during my shoot:

-My model will need a suitable costume to fit the genre

-The correct lighting will need to be used to get the best shot that I can

-The body language and attitude of my model must relate to the genre

-I should interpret some sort of prop into my shoot to portray the alternative style

-I will photoshop my model onto a suitable background (Indigo coloured or colour splat of some sort)

I will use a wide range of camera techniques and angles that I have learnt over the past few weeks. Here are some examples:

-Mid Close Up

-Mid Shot

-Mid Long Shot

-Long Angled Shot

-Long Shot

-High Angled Shot

-Canted Angled

I will put my knowledge of camera techniques and mise en scene into action when doing my shoot in order to improve the overall look of my indie Rock Music Magazine. 



Production Meeting Agenda for 1st Photo Shoot

My overall aims for this shoot are to get a wide range of different shots. I want to experiment with props, lighting, positioning and more. I want my model to look alternative, grunge and quite dark in costume and colour. This is because the background of my music magazine or the title will have a pop of colour to contrast with the darkness of the model. This will look polished and professional. I will be using both the white and black studio.

I want my model’s make up to look vibrant and unique. I have decided to contour all angles of her face in the colour indigo. This will match my colour scheme nicely and relate the the title of my music magazine. I would like this pop of colour to be strongly recognized on the front page. 

My colleague will help me with reflector sheets and with dressing the model as I will need help with make up and hair. 

To help organise all of these decisions and ideas, I have put everything into a Google Document.

Mast Head Designs

These are the mast head designs that I am thinking of using for my music magazine. I am leaning more towards the first title as it looks edgy and unique; which is the style I am trying to portray. I do however love the simplicity of some of the other designs so I will have to see which text works best with my main cover star. 

I love the design of the first masthead because I love the simplicity of it and but it still has it quirks. I also feel like I can do a lot with it and really test myself when editing on Indesign and Photoshop. The dark colour of the text will also stand out against my vibrant background. This will make it look

Star Image

My Cover Star Inspiration

My inspiration for my own cover star is Matty Healy. He is the lead singer in the Indie Rock band the 1975 and produces alternative music that has become very successful over the past few years. I have chosen him as my inspiration because I feel like he perfectly represents the genre that I have chosen. My star image that I have chosen is portrayed as rebellious, up-to-the-minute and trendy. I thought that these elements to his personality should be shown through my cover star. 

My main cover star will not portray a mainstream/ dominant ideology an will instead represent the alternative and quirky side of the music industry. The main cover star will create a complementary meta-narrative on the Indie Rock genre and will communicate positively about the style. She will be edgy, vibrant, alternative, exclusive and individual. 

In my photo shoot, I will be sure to follow the Mise en scene that Matty Healy used in all of his photo shoots.

Here is my styling page on how I will dress my model.

Communicating My Brand

Here, I have researched inspiration for my Music Magazine. As ‘Indigo’ will be edgy and unique, I must create a style that emits this tone.

Here is my Pinterest mood board on some ideas I came up with. I was also able to find a professional magazine that has already been published titled ‘Indie’. I will be taking inspiration from this also.

This is my mood board: (Please click on the image to view my mood board on Pinterest).

The look of this mood board is very edgy and emits an alternative and vibrant tone. It intrigues the reader and catches the audience’s eye due to the pop of colour. The mood board in general looks really unique and definitely appeals to those who do not enjoy ‘basic’ music.

My Audience Profile

Here is a slide show on the research that I did for the genre of Indie Rock:

Here is the Facebook Profile that I created for my target audience:

Knowing my audience is incredibly important because I will need to know how to catch their attention when designing my music magazine.

If my music magazine presents all the key features of the Indie Rock genre, my audience will notice this and be more drawn to it than other magazines.

Branding Ideas + Mission Statement

I have chosen the music genre Indie Rock to create my music magazine as it is music that I listen to in my free time. There are many artists that perform in Indie Rock such as:

-The Arctic Monkeys

-Mumford and Sons

-Florence and the Machine

-The 1975


Indie Rock fans are usually young adults who prefer to listen to alternative styles of music. Indie Rock has been popular since the 1980’s but really started to blossom in the 1990’s when ‘Nirvana’ promoted the style and became a huge, international craze.

The genre generally interprets a lot of acoustic guitar but the style can varies with many different instruments and sounds which is what makes it so unique and likable.

Mission Statement:

My music magazine shall be titled ‘Indigo’ and shall promote the style of Indie Rock music in a modern and unique form. My target audience will be from ages 15-25 and the young demographic will be reading about the current most successful and chart topping Indie Rock artists whilst exploring new musicians trying to make their way into this field of work. 

Indigo’ will promote the style of Indie Rock music in a modern and unique form. The young 15 – 25 year old demographic will read about the current most successful and chart topping Indie Rock artists and explore new musicians trying to make their way into this field. Indigo will release information that will both intrigue and inform the reader in an eye catching, sophisticated and glamorous way and will hook the audience instantly.

Here is my word cloud:

I wanted to create a very simple yet modern looking word cloud as this is the style my music magazine will portray

Creating this word cloud allowed me to gain more knowledge about indie rock and it’s culture. I will be sure to interpret these skills when creating my music magazine.