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My Image that uses Mise-En-Scene for Meaning

In this image, my peer and I are dressed according to the music genre ‘Rock’.  Our costumes portray both literal and symbolic meanings. Our class used lexicon such as ‘Depression, Anger and Rebellion’ when describing our look. This negative semantic field makes the Genre ‘Rock’ seem aggressive and adult. 

Here is a picture of our look. We paid close attention to the colours, stance/body language and hair/makeup that is associated with Rock.

As you can see, we have used dark colours in our costume to emit an aggressive tone and to show the audience the kind of people we are. We have chosen these particular stances because Rock stars are often very boisterous and crazy with the way they act.

We did however wear pops of colour in our costumes like reds and oranges to represent anger and frustration. These colours stand out and therefore catch the audience’s attention.

We decided to create a mood board/collage to collect inspiration for our shoot.

The C.L.A.M.P.S in these images are what make the rock genre so easy to identify. The colours used in the majority of these photos are dark (mainly blacks and reds) these colours emit an aggressive tone. Some of these images are even in black and white.

The lighting always creates a shadow and is usually very low key. This makes the photo look more mysterious. As for their body language and facial expressions, they all look extremely negative. They are very aggressive or moody which identifies with this particular genre. There stances are almost sexualised and many of them emit a seductive tone. Their costumes are also very dark coloured and revealing. These clothes are usually worn when the individual wants to draw attention to themselves. This is exactly the effect that is has on the audience.

The Mise En Scene in these shots often use props such as guitars, microphones or even flannel shirts. The surroundings are very important when creating this particular type of music magazine. Many of these shots look as though they’ve been taken at concerts or in edgy places, this yet again creates a dodgy tone.

When creating our shoot, we will be sure to use Mise En Scene and especially focus on the correct lighting, makeup, hair, props and costume to portray the Rock genre.

Slide Show of my Contact sheet:

I chose this image because it shows the model in her most relaxed state. She looks very involved and passionate about her music rather than portraying too much of an aggressive nature.

The costume still suggests that she is part of the Rock genre; the colours emit a negative tone but is then balanced out by the calm body position the model is in. I also chose this image because I like how wild the model’s hair is. It really represents the rock culture.

So…Hello Media Studies!

In Media Studies, over the next two years I  would like to learn how to use different editing software so that I can expand my knowledge and skills in creating various types of media. For example, magazine editing, film editing and sound editing. I would also like to learn the correct terminology so I feel confident in my exams and essay writing. I would love to learn how to use the media equipment to the best of it’s abilities; I am very inspired to create the best work that I can. In general, I would like to learn more cooperation skills, transferable skills and better analysis skills. I have chosen Film Studies as one of my A Levels so I shall be able to interpret these skills into my Media as a plus. I want to develop the skills that I already have and learn more as the years go on.

I am already able to edit on iMovie and Video Star and have been able to use these apps competently for a long time. I have previous experience with Adobe Illustrator as I created most of my GCSE documents with it. I am also very confident with Sibelius Music Software so I have some experience with editing music. I have also learnt the basics in Adobe Photoshop but would like to expand my knowledge on this particular software.

During this course, I am determined to learn not only technical skills, but also transferable skills. I will learn to be tenacious, persistent, confident and dedicated throughout this course and will produce the best work I can.

Print Media that Communicates Meaning

When completing this task, I learnt that every aspect of a poster is acknowledged and recognized. The audience will analyse the font, costumes, hair, make-up, copy, colour, body language and more. These areas will influence how my music magazine is perceived by the audience.

For example, if I were to create a poster with images of flowers and bright colours on it, it is going to come across as being very child friendly and innocent. Whereas a poster with images of graffiti and dark colours, is going to set a more aggressive and rebellious tone. They are still both just posters, but perceived in completely different ways.

It is therefore important to keep these areas of design in mind when designing my music magazine. I will now focus on using fonts, symbols and images that will relate to my chosen style.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”

_____Jim Morrison_____

So…I’m a ‘Media Prosumer!’

Media is something that I encounter every day. Whether it’s watching a two hour film on Netflix or reading the BBC news for five minutes, each area of media has an impact on my life. However, there are a lot of different reasons as to why people from all over the world, use media.

These purposes include:

-‘ENT’ (Entertainment/ Diversion) Using media as a source of entertainment eg: YouTube, Spotify and Netflix.

-‘SI’ (Social Interaction) Contacting and interacting with other media users through apps such as: Snapchat, Messenger and Whatsapp.

-‘PI’ (Personal Identity) Sharing information about your personal details so that other media users can learn from it. Eg: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

-‘ED’ (Information/ Surveillance) Sources of media that share factual information. Eg: Daily Mail, BBC News, Radio, and the Telegraph.

“The people will believe what the media tells them to believe”

_____George Orwell_____

I will now be sure to interpret these areas of media into my Music Magazine and am aware that my work will have the purpose of entertaining, informing and interacting with my audience.