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After doing some research on, I found that the most suitable adverts to include in my magazine would have to be something fashion related and music related.

A copy of the 1975’s fans forms of entertainment:

The site told me that fans of bands such as: The 1975, The Arctic Monkeys, Milky Chance and Nirvana were interested in a lot of fashionable products. I therefore thought it would be a good idea to promote an advert for something like perfume, clothes or even popular technology. Indie Rockers are very dedicated to a certain look so finding an advert that would appeal to them would be quite difficult. The adverts I knew had to be something original and classy, so i decided to have a look at 90s looking products and albums. 

After a lot of research, I finally found two adverts that I was happy to put in my magazine. I found an advert for  a Paco Rabanne perfume and an album for Oasis. I thought that the readers of my magazine would definitely take interest in these products as the are alternative and edgy. 

I liked the loom of these adverts as a plus and thought that both posters represented the style of Indie rock well. Conveying themes such as: beauty, chaos, rebellion and of course rock and roll. I really think they will look great in my magazine.


Teacher Feedback and Final Targets

Here is an image of the sheet my teacher filled out. the intention of this form was so that I could see what I needed to improve on. I learnt a lot from this sheet and now know what I need to do in order to finish the magazine for good. I will rewrite the feedback given to me on this post as it will be much easier to read. 

Front Page:

  • Too many images of the same model-get some more shots!
  • Check punctuation (specifically the apostrophe in the word UKs on the main cover page).
  • Check line spacing.
  • Make the main cover star much bigger.

Contents Page:

  • More information about the cover star Insert caption and page number.
  • Sort out the text layout as some of it has been cut off.
  • Different name as Erin has been mentioned twice.

Double Page Spread:

  • Backwards logo on Shirt.
  • Who is the Photography by?
  • Drop shadow on some of the boxes.
  • Make the page look more Indigo coloured rather than red.


Draft 5

These are my penultimate drafts of my Cover page, Contents page and my Double page spread. I have made many alterations and quite a few drastic changes since my original design and am quite happy with these drafts. I do know that they are far from perfect and will still need changing for the better. I am just waiting for some more feedback so as to improve this magazine even more. 

Feedback on Article

Here is the video of my peer Erin reading my article for typos, please click on the image to watch the full video on Youtube as it is a hyperlink:

Here is the feedback I was given by my peer:

‘The language used within the article is really unique and I love the use of puns and made up phrases. It is clear that your intended audience is for an Indie Rock fan.

I also love the story of the article. Indie Rockers take their music very seriously and you have really captured that idea within the text. The way you have shaped ‘Ezza Harris’ is also really unique. I find her character to be rebellious, quirky and alternative which is just what an Indie rock artist should be like.’


  • Love the use of puns and slang, really cool!
  • Love the layout and font of the text.
  • Don’t complicate things too much. 


  • Go back and check for typos.
  • Check spelling.
  • Rephrase a few lines as they are a bit too complex.


Article Idea Development

This is the planning for my double page spread article/album review. It is a brainstorm/note type draft. 

I used this template to help me brainstorm ideas for the type of article I wanted to write. I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted create an album review styled article.

I thought this would reflect the style of Indie Rock and appeal to my target audience a lot more than just a regular interview.

Here is the article embedded into my double page spread:

Language Analysis

The article that I have decided to analyse is structured as an album review from the music magazine ‘Billboard’. ‘Billboard (June 20), Country’s Best Frenemy, Musgrave’. The review talks about this specific artist and why she decided to write the album. 

The author of the article is Rob Tannenbaum but does not give us any information about him or his opinions. This therefore allows him/her to be critical about the album. There is no pressure to be nice about the artist as they did not meet and there is no journalistic presence. This therefore gives a very real reaction to the album. I know this because there are no personal opinions in the text and is written in a third person format.

The location of this album review is kept secret so we are given no background as to where the author is. This yet again puts a wall up against the critic and the artist, allowing more of a professional review.

The impression that Tannenbaum is giving the audience is that the album is a story of when she used to live in Nashville and reflects more than just music. He tells the audience that the artist has taken her first ‘dishonest step’ and apologized for ‘blowing raspberries’ at the industry. The writer uses both a positive and negative semantic field and uses lexicon such as: ‘Retrenchment, dishonest, escape, enforced, joy, strong and commitment’. This shows that the writer is both critical and complimentary towards the album. Giving everyone something to relate to.   

The mode of address uses common terms that we are all familiar with like ‘blowing raspberries’ but also speaks in a formal tone as if the audience is academic enough to understand. Tannenbaum uses quotes from the musicians songs to analyse what the artist means and what she is trying to get across. The reader will read this and become more aware of the music and the meaning behind it.

So, to sum up,  the star is represented as having more meaning to the music. They are not just singing for the sake of it and Tannenbaum was promoting this. There are both critical and kind elements to this article because there was no personal relationship between the writer and artist. This is good because the author is therefore not limited in what they should write. 

This is a link to the article I was analyzing, please click on the image to view it in a larger form:

Draft 4 – Feedback and Targets

Here is a Screencastify video my teacher and I created. The purpose of this task was so that I could see visually what needed improvement. I found the video very helpful and now know what I need to do in order to move forward.

 Feedback for improvement:

  • Experiment with the text layout and images.
  • Take away some of the images and pugs.
  • Change the background image.


  • Work on making the magazine cover look more alternative
  • Change main cover image or context page image
  • Layout text differently.

Draft 3-The Double Page Spread

Here is the first draft of my double page spread, I am really happy with it so far but understand that in order to improve, I may have to make a few changes.

Feedback from peers:

-Nice colour scheme

-Good layout and use of structure

-Like the pugs/plugs

-The models look engaged with the camera

-It is edgy and alternative/ it really fits the genre!


Targets for development:

-Make the text stand out a bit more

-Change colour of individual texts

-Make the text a bit bigger

Here is a new and improved version of my double page spread. Though the changes I made were quite subtle, I still think that they make the magazine look a lot more professional and ideal to read.

I first decided to make the text larger so that it would be easier for the reader to look at. I also found that doing this filled the space better and made the magazine look as though it had even more information on it. The result of this made it look interesting and intriguing. 

I also changed the outline of the lexis ‘Question’ as I thought this would make the magazine look more interesting and colourful. The result of this not only allowed it to stand out more, but it also made the text a lot clearer to read. I also made the text stand out more by doing both of these things together.

I am really pleased with this result and may even go on to improve it further. 

A New and Improved Contents Page

This is my new and improved contents page! I did make only a few adjustments to this page because I was really pleased with the original version.

But, after taking my peers advice I made both the text and images larger so that they would be easier to read and see. I was a lot happier with these subtle changes and think that my magazine definitely looks a lot more professional.

However, I did not change the brightness of the image because I really wanted to keep the cold and almost grainy look of the photo. i therefore decided that the darkness of the image, is what makes the magazine so unique and kept it.