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Production Skills Evaluation 2

I would have to say that in the process of making this music video, my main challenges and difficulties lie within the editing. I have had a fair amount of experience when it comes to the software Premiere Pro but I have had to advance these skills in order to achieve my intended effects. The actual process of cutting footage and putting it all together was not a difficulty however adding the effects was. My peer Haygan is very skilled at this area so I fell into a trap of just letting him play around with it all. I finally decided that it was fair on my group to let him do the majority of the special effects editing and therefore started doing some research on how to colour correct properly.

During our dream sequence, we need to allow for the audience to see that the main character is not in the real world. If we were to film this footage and put no effect on it, it would become very confusing for the audience as there was no visual difference apart from the change of location. I managed to find some helpful videos which taught me how to play around with the contrast, saturation, brightness and I could even play around wih RBG which I used to create a colder and more sinister look. My intended effect was to create a bright and harsh looking light, considering the backdrops were white, this would seem very intense of camera. With the help of a few tutorials I was able to access Lumetri Colour and started having a lot of fun with it. Using Lumetri colour helped affect the look of the star image, establish the change of atmosphere and mood and it helped convey the representation of the character. For exaple when I used the RBG panel to make the shot seem colder, this allowed for the audience to see that the tone had shifted into something far more negative and conveyed the main character’s struggle and sad emotions that she wasn’t able to display through her everyday life. I did make a few mistakes which my peers pulled me up on but in the ens, I was proud of what I had done. Obviously it still needs a bit of work but we are almost there! 

Production Skills Evaluation 1

During the editing process so far, I feel as though I have made a dramatic improvement. I have learnt how to stabilize clips, colour correct, render and ensure that the clip fits with the rhythm and pace of the music. As for our colour bleed idea, we haven’t quite mastered that just yet. I feel as though we may need a few more lessons to ensure this looks really good. We also haven’t completely finished filming our music video so there are many gaps that need feeling. We as a group have decided to leave all the advanced editing until we have got an edit that we are truly happy with. 

The editing that we have done looks pretty standard at the moment but I will still like to get a move on and start making it more visually interesting. There are definitely moments where I feel could be improved and that might slow us down in the long run. But I am fairly confident that we can do this! 

Here are some of the techniques I have learnt whilst editing:

  • Cropping footage
  • Colour correcting
  • Editing precisely to match the lip syncing
  • General organisation (With files etc)
  • Removing grain
  • Stabilizing footage

So far, everything looks excellent and I can’t wait to do even more.

Here are a few screenshots from the edit:

Here is the software that we are using (Premiere Pro) and this is how everything looks from the editors perspective.

Here I played around with a strobe effect and ended up editing to the beat very precisely. It looks really good and I am very proud! I did this by cutting and deleting the footage in really small amounts.

Here is evidence of my organisation. Here is the audio that we are using which is stored separately to the other footage which is organised into separate folders.

This is the warp stabilizer effect which i sue to stabilize shaky footage. It is excellent for fixing up hand held shots.