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Evaluation of Web Design Application

When creating and designing our website, we had no idea how difficult it would be. We had to all put a lot of thought into how it would come across to our demographic/target audience. I decided to experiment with and try to figure out exactly how to design a Website that meets the correct conventions.

One of the main aspects of that I discovered was the ‘My Uploads’ panel. This area allowed for us to import pieces of media from the computer that we had created. We therefore thought it would look interesting to create a slow motion, movement slide show play as the background. This panel allowed for us to upload this creation from Premiere Pro straight onto the site, which was really helpful. We were also able to collect images from multiple shoots, our own font styles and vector art that we could mess around with.

We also understood that our target audience would need multiple pages to the site that were organised in a specific way. Somewhere to purchase merchandise, information about upcoming concerts, location details, galleries and just a generic home page. We discovered how to create these pages with the panel here:

This allowed for us to organise:

  • What the pages were going to cover (Eg; Tour dates, previous albums, upcoming concerts, merch etc)
  • What order they would be in
  • How they would be displayed (Font, style etc)
  • How accessible they were

This helped with engaging the audience with interactivity, therefor making the site more interesting to visit.

Using was a really good site to help us create a polished and professional looking website. Using aspects such as backgrounds, colour palettes, different fonts, styles and layouts shaped our website to fit the generic conventions of what a good Indie Rock site should look like. 

Production Skills Evaluation 3

From this task, I have learnt multiple skills that I know will help me in the production of my DigiPak and Website. Before now, I wasn’t very confident on Photoshop or Indesign and needed reminding of the two softwares after having a long summer! On Photoshop, a skill that I learnt that will specifically help me in the creation of my DigiPak, is how to layer images and create separate backgrounds.

This is going to be particularly useful as my group and I want to cut out our two models from the image and colour correct them to make them stand out against the back ground. I learnt that by using the lasso tool and deleting previous layers, I can separate different areas of the image from the background, this took quite a few attempts to get perfect! Especially when shaping around loose strands of hair in the pictures. But, in the end, I managed to do it and the end result looks polished and professional.

As for Indesign, I learnt how to edit and adjust the text and fonts to suit my genre better. I did this by using the text tools in the top left hand of the screen, these tools allowed for me to space out the characters, stretch them and make them more easy to read. I also managed to add different backgrounds to these fonts and typefaces in order to make them stand out more against the coloured background of the image. This will allow for the audience to read the album title and band name a lot easier than before.

Another skill that I learnt, not necessarily on my own shoot, but for a peers was how to adjust the shutter speed on my camera. Doing this allowed for light to be captured in long streaks rather than how it seen normally. This allowed for my peer to carve out letters with different coloured lights. This skill is not something I would incorporate into my own DigiPak as it was their original idea, however in the future of my media making, I will keep this skill in handy as it was very interesting to use!

(It looks something like this)

Feedback on mock up and targets

With our DigiPak mock-up, we had to get some feedback on it so that we could make some improvements. We wanted for the audience to recognise the genre and emotion that the DigiPak gives off. We typed up different several different genres and emotions and asked five people to select the appropriate ones for our mock-up, in hope that the genre would be clearly represented. 

These are the results that we collected from the experiment. We were really happy that the majority of our class thought that the genre matched the images and texts perfectly.  This task helped us to understand what colours, typefaces and images portray our genre the best. The most popular response was Indie Rock and that it looked most creative. The most adjectives they chose were alternative, mysterious, sad, surreal and dark, which matched our genre perfectly.

The feedback from our peers helped us to understand the best suited colours, typefaces, and structure we should use when creating our own DigiPak so as to reflect the Indie Rock Genre. We know now that graphic design, dark and grungy colours, bold typefaces and creative photography all work together nicely to give off an Indie Rock effect.

Our Mission Statement

For our music video ‘Holding Onto You’ by Twenty One Pilots, we needed to appeal to our target audience and give them a taste for what was coming up in the album. We had to make it clear that our target audience would be able to relate to the album and therefore want to buy it. Our marketing strategy was to be able to connect with our audience on an emotional level and speak directly to them as this is what the band would want. We wanted to make the mission statement personal and down to earth. We did this by communicating the main themes covered in the music video, the type of genre it would appeal to and extra textual references to the issues of modern day society. Although the band believes they’re categorized as ‘Schizophrenic Pop’ we also wanted to combine the ideas of Indie Rock having a big impact on the style as well. This would allow for the band to attract attention and stand out from the crowd!

Our demographic are 18-24 year olds who enjoy watching media such as: American Horror Story, Orange is the New Black, The Voice and Skins. They also enjoy listening to a wide range of music in the Indie Rock/Grunge genre.  They are mostly left wing in terms of politics and fit into the social grade C2DE.

We want the audience to engage with our star on a personal level and in an emotional way. The music video communicates very serious topics that we hope would help reach out to those in need of support. They will invest time and money in our star by following them on all social media platforms, consuming the products and merchandise that they sell and promoting the band on their own personal accounts.

Their competition are:

  • The 1975
  • The Neighborhood
  • The Strokes

A similar trend in album designs when it comes to Indie Rock music is using very simplistic graphic design. They tend not to photograph themselves which reflects the modest and creative side of the genre. It grabs the audience’s attention in a unique and intriguing way, here are some examples:

The websites look simplistic yet effective. They often use just black and white which convey how in touch they our with this generation and that they are on trend with everything. Here is an example of the 1975’s website in comparison to Twenty One Pilots.

The 1975:

Twenty One Pilots:

Our Unique Selling Point (USP) is to give back to the audience and give them something that they can relate to during their time of need. It isn’t just a song, it is a platform for help if they need it. Our star image is trendy and ‘in with the kids’ so that if they need to open up, they feel close to an idol who is just like them and that they feel more comfortable with. We are innovating this image by reaching out to teenagers in need. Twenty One Pilots is not trying to establish a new presence in the market as they have been very supportive of these topics with their past music. We are mixing up elements of grunge, pop, indie rock, rock and electro into this album. We are emphasising the extraordinary!

Band-One Step Forward

Album-Two Steps Back

Mission Statement-

Best described as ‘Schizophrenic Pop’, The Flatliners take you through their journey, accompanying you on yours too as they express themselves throughout their own unique style of music. This really is an experience like no other as the band dive deep into key issues that modern society face today. With a target audience of 18-24 year olds, the band intends to open the young demographic’s minds with their new chart topping album ‘Made in the AM’.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

I would have to say that in the process of making this music video, my main challenges and difficulties lie within the editing. I have had a fair amount of experience when it comes to the software Premiere Pro but I have had to advance these skills in order to achieve my intended effects. The actual process of cutting footage and putting it all together was not a difficulty however adding the effects was. My peer Haygan is very skilled at this area so I fell into a trap of just letting him play around with it all. I finally decided that it was fair on my group to let him do the majority of the special effects editing and therefore started doing some research on how to colour correct properly.

During our dream sequence, we need to allow for the audience to see that the main character is not in the real world. If we were to film this footage and put no effect on it, it would become very confusing for the audience as there was no visual difference apart from the change of location. I managed to find some helpful videos which taught me how to play around with the contrast, saturation, brightness and I could even play around wih RBG which I used to create a colder and more sinister look. My intended effect was to create a bright and harsh looking light, considering the backdrops were white, this would seem very intense of camera. With the help of a few tutorials I was able to access Lumetri Colour and started having a lot of fun with it. Using Lumetri colour helped affect the look of the star image, establish the change of atmosphere and mood and it helped convey the representation of the character. For exaple when I used the RBG panel to make the shot seem colder, this allowed for the audience to see that the tone had shifted into something far more negative and conveyed the main character’s struggle and sad emotions that she wasn’t able to display through her everyday life. I did make a few mistakes which my peers pulled me up on but in the ens, I was proud of what I had done. Obviously it still needs a bit of work but we are almost there! 

Production Skills Evaluation 1

During the editing process so far, I feel as though I have made a dramatic improvement. I have learnt how to stabilize clips, colour correct, render and ensure that the clip fits with the rhythm and pace of the music. As for our colour bleed idea, we haven’t quite mastered that just yet. I feel as though we may need a few more lessons to ensure this looks really good. We also haven’t completely finished filming our music video so there are many gaps that need feeling. We as a group have decided to leave all the advanced editing until we have got an edit that we are truly happy with. 

The editing that we have done looks pretty standard at the moment but I will still like to get a move on and start making it more visually interesting. There are definitely moments where I feel could be improved and that might slow us down in the long run. But I am fairly confident that we can do this! 

Here are some of the techniques I have learnt whilst editing:

  • Cropping footage
  • Colour correcting
  • Editing precisely to match the lip syncing
  • General organisation (With files etc)
  • Removing grain
  • Stabilizing footage

So far, everything looks excellent and I can’t wait to do even more.

Here are a few screenshots from the edit:

Here is the software that we are using (Premiere Pro) and this is how everything looks from the editors perspective.

Here I played around with a strobe effect and ended up editing to the beat very precisely. It looks really good and I am very proud! I did this by cutting and deleting the footage in really small amounts.

Here is evidence of my organisation. Here is the audio that we are using which is stored separately to the other footage which is organised into separate folders.

This is the warp stabilizer effect which i sue to stabilize shaky footage. It is excellent for fixing up hand held shots.