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Music Video Draft 4

This is our very almost completed music video! A lot has changed since the last draft, we have finally completed it! We have had another shoot in the time it took for us complete draft 4 which was the very end section. I was really happy with this draft and can only see a few changes that need tending to. Here has what has made most improvement:

  • We finished the video!
  • The dance section is completed
  • We have adjusted lip syncing errors and continuity errors
  • We have added some more special effects to the dance section (which still needs a lot of work)
  • We have planned another shoot for close up shots of our main performer.

I can’t wait for the final draft!

This is my Screencastify video of one of my peers (who also played the drummer!) giving us some feedback on our work. I was really happy with the feedback he gave us and hope to put it into my draft 5.


  • Get rid off some of the effects in the dance section
  • Watch syncing of drummer and main performer
  • Check spelling!
  • Watch the Warp Stabilzer doesn’t make the footage look too strange/distorted 


  • Costumes look great
  • Drummer is a cool guy
  • Nice use of camera angles and a good variety of shots
  • Brilliant narrative

Music Video Draft 3

This is our third and almost final draft of our music video. It still is not quite completed but we have a set date for it to be finished and aren’t going to stop editing until it is!

This  draft has changed a lot since the last one. For example, we have started adding in parts of the dance sequence and even taken into consideration what our teacher has said about some of the footage beforehand. We have done two more shoots since this shoot so we can’t wait to add the rest of that footage in and to be done with it all!

Thanks to some of our amazing peers, we have been able to receive some amazing feedback which I am chuffed to bits with. The feedback was kind yet critical and I am excited to put some of these targets into practice. Here is a screenshot of all of the comments we received.

The majority of the feedback we received was superb and i was really happy with what people had to say. However the feedback given by my peer Matthieu was very helpful. He specifically said that there were some obvious continuity errors that needed fixing as well as a few lip syncing mistakes too. He also stated that he didn’t really understand the narrative during the middle section as we had made a mistake with the black and white filter. Thanks to this feedback, we can make these changes to better suit our audience and make sense of our music video. I hadn’t even noticed these mistakes so it was very helpful that everyone put the time aside to mark our work, thanks guys!

Targets to improve:

  • Sort out continuity and lip syncing errors
  • Adjust anything that doesn’t make sense in the narrative
  • Complete the video!
  • Don’t over complicate with the effects

New PMA/Storyboards

In order for my group and I to have successful shoot, we had to go over a few documents and make sure we had a brand new production meeting agenda, storyboard and risk assessment. It was vital that we had these documents done before our shoot as it would determine how organised we were and how much we needed to get sorted. We already had our storyboard for the dream sequence sorted so we added in a few more post it notes to indicate where we were going tot put in the dancing sequence. Here are the documents we created.

From personal experiences and having done media for almost a full year now, I have learnt that being organised is key for planning shoots. The result of this makes the footage look polished and professional and have proven to be much better than the footage I have taken when we have not been organised. I now make it my top priority when planning new shoots and hope that I maintain this important skill throughout the course.

The dance sequence we have been inspired by is supposed to look surreal. We wanted to interpret a style of dance that would not only catch the audience’s attention but also differ from the lyrical style. It’s not supposed to look pretty at all, we want it to look obscure and almost uncomfortable to watch.

We had to do a lot of research in order to achieve the style of dance we wanted. I was mainly inspired to incorporate the works of Ryan Heffington and dances from the artist Sia’s music videos. I thought the style of dancing was expressive and visually interesting. We didn’t want too much movement however and we felt incredibly lucky to have a teacher like Miss Cobb at this point! She found us an intriguing video called ‘Strange Fish’ which I will insert below. The two dancers seem to use the wall for support and dance against it. We loved the style and find the perfect location for this as well.

We wanted the costume to differ from the creative shots we had filmed before. Doing this would also connect the real world with the dream. If she were to wear a crazy costume, there would be no relation whatsoever. We therefore decided that I should be wearing normal clothes that would still differ from the ones that my character fell asleep in but also create a sense of normality. We therefore chose a dress that we felt suited the tone of the sequence well. 

Feedback from Teacher

This is the feedback my teacher gave back to our group. I was expecting a lot more negative feedback so I was really happy to see how happy our teacher was with our work (especially the edits I did!) This feedback is incredibly helpful and will definitely come in handy when we start drafting our third attempt. I am excited to put this criticism into something positive and make improvements on my work for the better.

Here is the feedback that I have summarized into a few bullet points:

  • We need to sort out the pace during a few shots as they are too long and don’t match the rhythm of the music.
  • Film the narrative and ‘surreal performance’.
  • Get a few more close ups of our performer singing in a bit more depth.
  • The continuity is a bit strange at times.
  • Take out sections where the performers are laughing or looking directly at the camera as it’s not serious enough.
  • Just go over the video and sort out any strange edits.

Positive Feedback:

  • The pace of the edit is great at the start.
  • The black and white filter looks really edgy and alternative.
  • The performance shots of Jacob look excellent.
  • The mise en scene works nicely.
  • Nice use of advanced cinematography.

Audience Ideologies

Holding Onto You by Twenty One Pilots is an Indie Rock/Electro style piece of music. This is my audience ideology. My group and I spent ages discussing who our song would appeal most to. With a bit of help from You.Gov, we found that a majority of the UKs population that are young female adults like to listen to the band 21 pilots. This surprised me as I thought the band focused more directly at men and was surprised to see so many women enjoying the music as well. 

This task allowed me to understand who we would be basing our music video at. This will definitely help me in the making of my music video as I will know exactly what my target audience wants to see and how the structure of it should be laid out. I was able to create a ‘typical audience member’ that would help me when finishing my video. I used the Blumler & Katz uses and gratification and the demographics and psychographics. 

  • Demographics: Skilled Working Class and Lower Middle Class
  • Psychographics: Alternative and Fun / Atics

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

This is our second draft of both the narrative and performance video. It still needs a lot of work and quite obviously, we need to film a lot more. We do have this organised and know when and where we are supposed to go. 

Obviously this needs a lot of work and it is no where near finished. But I feel there are certainly aspects of this edit that i want to keep. I feel like the start of this video is really strong and it’s just the end that needs a bit of work. It’s very difficult choosing what works and what doesn’t! I would really like to interpret some more advanced editing into this video as it would really show off what my group and I are capable of. We will try to interpret this into the fourth draft. When we receive our feedback, we will know exactly what we need to do also.

I edited the majority of this clip aside from a few moments towards the end. I am really proud of the work my group and I have done and would like for my peers to have a proper go when it comes to filming the footage for our dream sequence. This will be very interesting for the audience and visually different as opposed to everything else. The idea is to give the audience something fresh. 

In order to improve in the future, I think we as a group need to organise and takes turns with the edit. This will ensure that we have a professional and well thought out video. We can also interpret each of our own ideas and take pride in the small sections that we did. Again, this edit needs a lot of work but we are still learning and enjoying the process!

Here are some specific targets that we need to focus on in order to improve:

  • Film for our surreal dream sequence
  • Collect some more footage for the narrative
  • Sort out the colour bleed and experiment with it
  • Add in some more energetic performance shots
  • Sort out the rhythm and pace to match the tone and feel of the song
  • Stabilize a few more of the shots
  • Remove grain from a majority of the performance shots
  • Finalize everything!

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

The narrative shoot in general went really well and my group and I were able to achieve over 100 shots. We wanted to make sure every shot was perfect and spent the majority of the day moving around and filming in multiple locations. We still need to film in the studio and take a few more shots to finish the narrative off which we will do over the course of this term. 

I was really happy with my group and found that the three of us were able to work quickly and professionally. We also used the whole day to film as our narrative was quite long! Being the performer for my own music video was also good fun as I was able to convey exactly what the three of us wanted to get across to the audience.

The location itself (Dani’s house, The Terrace and The Constitution Steps) for all of our narrative shots were brilliant. The simplicity of the bedroom worked really nicely and added to the feeling and mood of our whole video. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Dani had a dog! He really was the star of the show and we were very tempted to have him in the video.

As for all of my tasks so far, there are definitely a few things that we could have done better in order to achieve some even greater footage. We have had to face a few issues in editing because of these flaws but we are learning how to work with them and make them look decent. 


  • We were able to capture a variety of different shots and had enough to fill the whole song.
  • The mise en scene looked good!
  • We were able to follow the mood board clearly and complete it.


  • We could have filmed the final sequence after I fall asleep.
  • We could have sorted out the lighting in a majority of our shots
  • I should have been far more dramatic/happy after I had taken the tablets.

Here are some pictures from our day of filming:

Production Meeting Agenda for Narrative Shoot

This is our production meeting agenda. This will determine whether we will have a successful shoot or not! It is really important for us to have a copy of this for the day of the shoot as we will need to know where to go and what time we need to be there. My group and I also have a group chat on Facebook Messenger which we will be communicating with each other on so that we know exactly what to bring on the day.

These meeting agendas are vital for when it comes to the shoot as we will want to be as prepared as humanely possible.

Narrative Storyboard

This is our narrative storyboard for our shoot tomorrow! I am very excited and buzzed to do this shoot as we have been planning it for so long and really want to do a good job. We put a lot of work into this storyboard and we are very pleased with it.

The storyboard is very important when planning for any sort of video. It will tell us exactly where we need to position the camera and determine that we will capture everything. If we didn’t have a storyboard, we would be sure to miss out lots of some really good and effective shots. The storyboard can also help us be more organised and save a lot of time which we can use for perfecting and re shooting specific shots that might not have gone very well.

We will be sure to follow this plan when filming tomorrow: