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Web Page Final Draft

We have completed out final draft of our website! We are really happy with this draft and only have a few more improvements to make taken from our feedback before it is completely finished! I have thoroughly enjoyed this task and hope to keep tweaking my website until it is the best it can be.

Link to Website (Please click on the image):

Here are the targets we have set ourselves based off given feedback:

  • Change the word ‘Shows’ to ‘Concerts’
  • Contact should come before Merch in drop down menu
  • Previous albums could be called discography?
  • Don’t use the image of Boomtown as it is not yours
  • Make more of the DigiPak cover, maybe incorporate it onto the home page?

We hope that once these changes have been made, our website will be finished! There is just a bit of tweaking left to do, but I am really proud of the work we have already done.

Web Page Conventions

This is our Screencastify analysis of the Tame Impala website. This website had many aspects of a conventional page but also has a sense of authenticity and diversity to make their website stand out from the crowd.

We were severely impressed with the structure and use of vibrant colours the website used and felt it matched our Indie Rock genre perfectly, we hope to incorporate some of these features into our own website to make it look as polished and professional as possible. The use of graphic design was particularly interesting and the fact that the site had such an intriguing above the fold home page was visually very interesting. We took into account the Blumler and Katz theory where we discussed the four main reasons people interacted with media, they want to be entertained, informed, socially engage with others and to reinforce their personal identity. We kept this theory in mind when analysing the Tame Impala website and discussed how they were able to achieve all aspects of this theory throughout their site. 


Script used:

Website Previous Students Work

I have chosen to analyse a previous student’s piece of work, specifically ‘The XX’ and their website. The alternative and modern day style allow for the audience to understand that this is not a conventional pop genre. I chose this website to analyse because it particularly interested me that many of my other peers were drawn to it as well. I wanted to research into why they were so intrigued by it’s simplistic design.

The website as a whole is very trendy. It follows a colour scheme that looks fashionable and works well together, giving it a sense of professionalism. The colours used are what we associate with as complimentary and aesthetically pleasing colours to our generation.  The use of purples and blues work nicely together and the plain black font makes for an easy read. This is one of the reasons as to why my peers found it particularly interesting to research into as well.

The background is very well photographed. Taking something as plain as electric wires in the air has shaped their whole website. The colours of the sky made for a beautiful background and the black wires created a sense of practicality as it matched with the text.

The text is very straightforward. I liked that it was so easy to read and the use of animation on the home page is visually intriguing for the audience. However, less important boxes of text could have been made to look more interesting as I found it didn’t really fit the genre as well as it could have done. 

The structure is also an interesting aspect to take into account. The site uses a simplistic static homepage, allowing thumbnails to take the audience to recent music releases and has multiple navigation bars, which act as hyperlinks that take the audience to different landing pages of the site. The above the fold page is the most important as it is what we are greeted with as soon as we open the page, the student did an excellent job of not overwhelming the audience with too many widgets. The home page also allows for the audience to scroll down and find more information out about the band, introducing their newest albums and some information about the band members, giving a sense of predictable pleasure.

I specifically loved the photo gallery this band have on their website. This allows for the visitors of the website to connect with the band members and get a taste for what they are like outside of performing, it gives of a positive tone and  is structured in an alternative and edgy pattern, catching the audience’s attention immediately.

The merchandise is very professional looking and I would personally invest in a product this good looking! The simplistic layout gives the audience the perfect amount of information, and doesn’t come across as being too ‘in your face’.

In general, this website looked very polished and professional. I was amazed by the simplistic yet effective structure and really hope to take this inspiration and incorporate some of these ideas into my own website, I can’t wait to see our finished result!

Website Terminology

Before creating our own website, we had to do some research into what makes a conventional website and how we wanted to promote our brand to visually intrigue our demographic. I found multiple similarities between a music magazine and a website as they both have similar structures.

The leader board is just a masthead and there are multiple aspects in which the website uses plugs to promote their brand which reflects magazine structures very closely. I learnt a lot about key terms which I have conveyed in the slide show down below.

I researched into the band Green Day and found that their site differs from most websites in the fact that it has a scrolling structure rather than a home page with a navigation bar which takes the audience to landing pages. However this is very effective as it is simple but also differs from other websites, creating a sense of authenticity. This task helped me to understand what makes a conventional and effective website, I hope to incorporate this knowledge into my own work.