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So…I am ready to photograph my star

Camera and mise en scene have taught me that even the slightest change in positioning can change the way the audience sees my image. I know to be precise and clear on the message that I want to portray.

Mise en scene and camera will play a huge role during my shoot:

-My model will need a suitable costume to fit the genre

-The correct lighting will need to be used to get the best shot that I can

-The body language and attitude of my model must relate to the genre

-I should interpret some sort of prop into my shoot to portray the alternative style

-I will photoshop my model onto a suitable background (Indigo coloured or colour splat of some sort)

I will use a wide range of camera techniques and angles that I have learnt over the past few weeks. Here are some examples:

-Mid Close Up

-Mid Shot

-Mid Long Shot

-Long Angled Shot

-Long Shot

-High Angled Shot

-Canted Angled

I will put my knowledge of camera techniques and mise en scene into action when doing my shoot in order to improve the overall look of my indie Rock Music Magazine. 



So…I’m Ready to Make some Media!

In the future, on my media course, I will have to create my very own music magazine. During my first term of Media Studies, I’ve learnt a significant amount, broadened my knowledge and tested my skills in many different areas. I’ve made mistakes and corrected myself along the way and now feel confident in the following term. 

Narrative and story telling are a huge part of the media and I now know that I must interpret these skills if I want to catch the audience’s attention. Visual areas such as: text, images and font are also incredibly important when conveying to the audience the style of media I’ve created.

This will help me in the future of this course. I can not wait to get stuck back in after half term!

So…How can an image communicate meaning?

Throughout our photo shoot the other day, I noticed that Mise-En Scene is incredibly important when telling the story of an image. The angles, lighting and props used help shape the picture and create different tones. Different shots suggest an individual story and individual meaning.

  • For example. A close up shot of an individual person could emit tones of isolation and loneliness. We are also forced to look at just their face just as a normal pair of eyes would loom at someone. This therefore breaks the fourth wall and creates a more personal approach to the final shot. The close up also helps portray the emotions and facial expressions of the model. 


  • However, a landscape shot taken with more than one person in allows the audience to look at a lot of different things in that image. With attention to detail, this shot could be really effective. This shot emits a less personal tone as we are not able to see the facial expressions of the model but we are able to see body stances and costumes more easily; this could give the audience enough information to work with.


During this task, I have learned an immense amount about the importance of different areas in photography. I have learnt many camera techniques such as creating a shutter, focusing, capturing a moving image, taking landscape shots, capturing mid shots, working on close ups, taking candid photos and much more. I have had a great deal of fun and now know that this experience will help me to create my music magazine. 

So…Hello Media Studies!

In Media Studies, over the next two years I  would like to learn how to use different editing software so that I can expand my knowledge and skills in creating various types of media. For example, magazine editing, film editing and sound editing. I would also like to learn the correct terminology so I feel confident in my exams and essay writing. I would love to learn how to use the media equipment to the best of it’s abilities; I am very inspired to create the best work that I can. In general, I would like to learn more cooperation skills, transferable skills and better analysis skills. I have chosen Film Studies as one of my A Levels so I shall be able to interpret these skills into my Media as a plus. I want to develop the skills that I already have and learn more as the years go on.

I am already able to edit on iMovie and Video Star and have been able to use these apps competently for a long time. I have previous experience with Adobe Illustrator as I created most of my GCSE documents with it. I am also very confident with Sibelius Music Software so I have some experience with editing music. I have also learnt the basics in Adobe Photoshop but would like to expand my knowledge on this particular software.

During this course, I am determined to learn not only technical skills, but also transferable skills. I will learn to be tenacious, persistent, confident and dedicated throughout this course and will produce the best work I can.

So…I’m a ‘Media Prosumer!’

Media is something that I encounter every day. Whether it’s watching a two hour film on Netflix or reading the BBC news for five minutes, each area of media has an impact on my life. However, there are a lot of different reasons as to why people from all over the world, use media.

These purposes include:

-‘ENT’ (Entertainment/ Diversion) Using media as a source of entertainment eg: YouTube, Spotify and Netflix.

-‘SI’ (Social Interaction) Contacting and interacting with other media users through apps such as: Snapchat, Messenger and Whatsapp.

-‘PI’ (Personal Identity) Sharing information about your personal details so that other media users can learn from it. Eg: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

-‘ED’ (Information/ Surveillance) Sources of media that share factual information. Eg: Daily Mail, BBC News, Radio, and the Telegraph.

“The people will believe what the media tells them to believe”

_____George Orwell_____

I will now be sure to interpret these areas of media into my Music Magazine and am aware that my work will have the purpose of entertaining, informing and interacting with my audience.