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Flowchart and Preferred Template

We had to do a lot of research in preparation for creating our DigiPak. One of the main aspects of a Webpage is the structure. That is why we decided to create a flowchart that would display the sort of structure and layout we would like to follow. Obviously we wouldn’t follow this exactly as we would want to experiment and see what the website offers. However it is good to have a set plan so we have somewhere to go. This is the layout we decided to go for:

  • Home Page
  • Upcoming Concerts
  • Previous Albums
  • Contact
  • Merchandise

We than had to sign into and choose a template that we felt best suited our genre. This is the one we went for:

This template was called ‘Music Venue’ and just suited the genre of Indie Rock really nicely. I could vision our band making a huge impact on what this website would look like and couldn’t wait to start. This design is unique, diverse, alternative and catches the attention of our demographic well.