December 15

Draft 3 – The Double Page Spread

This is my double page spread about Jordy and Chloe.G



  • The image where the model is looking at the other one.
  • Text wrapping.


  • Fill in the white.
  • Add some quotes.
  • Add another box before the text.
  • Standfirst,
  • Drop the capital,
  • logo of mag,
  • byline,
  • photographer
  • page numbers
  • more paragraphs

This is my new and improved front page I have improved it by adding more colour as I added a blue box in which I will add quotes from my models. I also removed all the white I could from around my models to help my models to stand out more from the background and I filled in the white space above my text. I have added page numbers and the photographer, along with adding paragraphs to break up my text. I also made the first letter of my paragraphs bigger.

Posted 15th December 2017 by scarlettplampton in category Music Magazine

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