January 10

Draft 4 Feedback and Targets

My targets for my final draft of all my pages:

  • Change the background colour of my front page as the white is too bland,
  • Make the size of the barcode smaller,
  • Change the size of the cover lines so that they’re all around about the same size,
  • Yellow boarder lines at the bottom of the page to make it symmetrical to where the masthead is,
  • Whiten the teeth of my front cover star to match my contents page model,
  • Main cover star should feature in my double page spread,
  • Look for where is my stand first is going to go (summing up the article),
  • Add a drop shadow,
  • Add quotes on top of models to remove the dead space,
  • Fill the white space on my double page spread as it is a bit flat, e.g add a boarder to fill the space.

Posted 10th January 2018 by scarlettplampton in category Music Magazine

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