January 24

Teacher Feedback and Final Targets

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Overall Targets:

  • Long shot’s,
  • Make my cover star’s eyes more blue,
  • Change my font as it is hard to read,
  • Position my images and captions more near the edge of the page so they dont cover my cover star model’s face,

Front Page Targets:

  • Move the caption down a bit for Hollie-M’s plug,
  • Move BettyBlu’s plug left more so it doesn’t cover my cover star’s face,
  • Make the yellow lines thicker,
  • Move my images left more,
  • Add a background to Hollie-M’s photo (translucent).

Content’s Page Targets:

  • Strike around ‘6-8’
  • Different shape for the captions on the big images,
  • Top 20 need’s capitol letters,
  • ‘week’s’ needs an apostrophe,
  • Add photos of different people, as there’s too many of Chloe and Jordan.

Double Page Spread Targets:

  • Change the font as it’s hard to read,
  • Add quotes on the photos,
  • Get rid of the white space.

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