March 12

Preliminary Montage

Here’s the draft of a storyboard for my montage video so when shooting I knew what shots I needed and the locations, it also helped when editing as I roughly knew the order I wanted to edit my clips into.

This is my preliminary Montage task.

There are many things I liked and many things I could have improved on, such as…

  • I could have improved on getting a variety of shots such as more close ups and more long shots,
  • I didn’t get any match on actions therefore I would add them next time,
  • Next time I need to add music as my computer wasn’t co operating and wouldn’t let me upload mp3 files.

What I liked was…

  • The transitions to show a different location or a large passing of time,
  • The shots are framed well with enough lead space and rule of thirds is considered,
  • I like the chronological order so it makes sense to the audience.

Posted 12th March 2018 by scarlettplampton in category Video Preliminary Tasks

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