March 12

Preliminary Continuity Task


My preliminary task has used the following camera techniques such as…

  • close up of the sweater in the bag and of the man unwrapping it,
  • a long shot of the woman walking down the corridor with the sweater, I also used this when the woman storms out with the jumper,
  • I mainly used medium shots of the conversations,
  • I used one two shot when the woman says ‘Present face!’ to help connect with the characters,
  • I also used over the shoulder shots of the conversation.

I used techniques such as…

  • quick cuts when editing to create a sense of urgency and frustration
  • I also used 180 degree rule to not confuse the audience and to give a sense of space.
  • match on action helped the piece to flow.

I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules like…

  • 180 degree rule,
  • match on action
  • and shot reverse shot.

I used these rules to make sure my piece flows and runs well without unmotivated cuts.

I have learnt to use in Premiere Pro…

  • the razor blade tool, to split my clip,
  • I used the audio and video tool,
  • I also learnt how to used the Mark In (I) and Mark Out (O) tool.

I used these tools to…

  • make it easier to insert other footage and so it all flows well,
  • so I could drag either the audio or video onto the editing strip,
  • so I could cut the clip down to the footage I needed.

If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently…

  • I would make sure I have enough shots so it makes it easier when editing,
  • I would try and get more match on actions,
  • I would get more of a variety of shots, such as extreme close up, medium long shot etc…

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