May 14

Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

This is the rough cut from our location shoot. Chloe Heather and I went on a location shoot to the Market Square Building with Lucy and Brook as our actors. We all worked really well together as a team and we set a concentrated working environment for our actors, this helped us get all our shots organised and to get extra shots within the time allocated.

What we found went well:

  • The mise-en-scene (Costume/MakeUp changes etc…),
  • Concentrated, serious working environment,
  • Our location

What we found didn’t go as well:

Unfortunately we didn’t like the outcome of our shots, they were all framed and shot well and our actors did a really good job but it is just not what we had imagined,  therefore we are re-shooting next week, in one set location in one costume with one makeup style, we are hoping this will make the performance look better and make more sense to the audience. However we did still come out with some good shots which will help us with our performance shoot next time.

Overall this performance shoot has helped us as, although we wont be using any of this footage,  we now know what shots we are looking for and the type of mise-en-scene we would like in our next performance shoot which will hopefully suit our genre more as we are changing location and staying in one set location this time.

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