May 17

Narrative Development

We have decided to create an amplified narrative in which the video will not echo what she is singing but like closely and be inspired by the lyrics and our music video will be combination of anachronic narrative as it is filmed as flashbacks and intertwined with performance in which the performer is involved in the narrative as it is her memories. The equilibrium is disrupted during the middle as she has a flashback to them fighting however in the end, she decides she still wants to be with him, therefore our audience will be encouraged to sympathise with Lucy our main character as she is shown to be upset about the break up of her and her boyfriend.

The ending is a cliff hanger and we have decided to leave it up to the audience interpretation as to what happens, our idea is to show our two actors (Brook and Lucy) walking in the same place towards one another, we will do this through parallel editing, and then have the audience assume they’re going to meet however we will cut just before to leave the audience wondering if they met each other or not therefore making our audience want to watch the music video again to find hints of whether they met or not.

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