June 4

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

The narrative shoot we shot on Tuesday went very well.

As a group we went to my house and filmed around my garden which made it:

  • A unique location to shoot in which means no one else would have the same backgrounds.
  • Lucy and Brook worked really well together they were very co-operative throughout the shoot.
  • We also had a great pace and got all of our shots completed quickly, ensuring we could take more shots with different angles throughout the day.

A few targets we have given ourselves to develop our directing skills and cinematography skills are to:

  • Try and get more close up’s and more match on action’s.
  • Make sure all of our shots are in focus.
  • Ensure there is a variety of angles of each shot for each location
  • Retake the shot two or three times to ensure you have got that ‘perfect shot’

Giving ourselves targets enable us to make sure we achieve these when we shoot in the future.

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