June 11

Audience Ideologies

For my audience ideologies I couldn’t find Sinead Harnett on YouGov.com, therefore I looked at similar artists within the Indie-Pop/R&B genre, such as Rita Ora, we included¬†interests, demographics and political views.¬†We would like our target audience to decode as we have a few hidden messages and symbols within our video and we hope this gives a preferred reading of our music video to our target audience, therefore we discovered what the common psychographics and demographics of our target audience, this may also help with social interaction as they will talk with friends about the symbols within the video. This is their profile below.

Here is my audience ideology of a girl I created, as I think she would be into our music and here are the type of things she is interested in. This helped me to discover that our targets audience were… Skilled working class and lower/ middle class and mainstreams and outgoing.

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