July 6

Music Video Draft 4

This is my 4th draft of my music video, we have added lots more including:

  • After effects, such as echo’s
  • Video transitions, including fades in’s & out’s
  • Lumetri colour, using curves and colour wheels
  • Adjustment layers, also incorporating Lumetri colour.

Feedback from a peer, what he liked about the video:

  • The mise-en-scene used,
  • The fast paced cuts in time with the beat of the video,
  • The shot of the burning daisy, with the colour correction effects…

One of my peers mentions how there isn’t much to improve on as he really likes the video, he said if we were to do anything we should focus on the last minute, and keep the pace as consistently fast, like the rest of the music video. Over the next couple of days, this is what my group will look at when improving our music video.



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