September 12

Mission Statement

A company’s mission statement is essentially its statement of purpose. It serves as a guide for all of the company’s decision-making and establishes aims and goals for the company to achieve. Our mission statement will impact how our digipak and website are styled. It sets the original brand’s image which is used throughout our designs.

We researched about our target audience, by looking up our music genre of R&B on YouGov, this aided us into who we needed to target with our mission statement, which are typically 12-25 year old females who enjoy the indie pop and r&b genres.

We created L.U.N.A’s mission statement to help her stand out compared to other artists and this is to display her incredible talents but how she still lives an ordinary life – so the audience can relate to her but also idolise her. Her music is a mix of different elements of genre, jumping between indie pop and the indie hiphop genre, to help her music stand out from other artists and this helps our artist to have her own unique selling point.

This is our mission statement for our digipak:

L.U.N.A’s fearless and energetic personality represents her explosive new music as it hits the charts. Focusing on her fans and moving on to their modern day manifestations, a rainbow of indie hip hop styles will be explored.  With a target audience of  14– 30 year olds, the young demographic will be exposed to her current chart topping indie pop/hip hop albums whilst new and upcoming indie artists following her work will have a platform to share their artistry and passion



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