September 24

Digipak Photo Mock-Up

Here’s our digipak mock up, we have collected existing images from the internet that we think reflect our artist well along with the genre and brand, this roughly displays how we want out digipak to look.

Above we created our digipak mock up. We added our own text to the front which was her name and the back we included songs from Sinead Harnett’s original album. We decided to use the colour yellow as it was very bold against the purple background and the two colours contrast with each other really well, this also made it easy for our target audience to read the text. We collected very simple images from the internet but we hope they are very effective to our target audience, we selected these images so it was easy for our target audience to decode what genre our digipak was, the images are simple but elegant however this contrasts with bold striking yellow font, conveying the artists outgoing, unique personality. As a group we decided that these ideologies accurately described the digipak and brand itself, however the two images inside of the digipak are really simple but effective they also portray the artists unconventional pieces of herself. The drawing of her eyes shut, display her as an ordinary person that likes to have her own privacy, it also creates a sense of mystery and the drawing of the open eyes present her confident, curious personality with her fans.

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