September 26

Feedback on Mock-Up and Targets

Once we’d done out digipak photo mock-up, we gathered some feedback form our peers as to whther or not we were achieving our aims and what we could do to improve. Below, we have compiled a load of adjectives and a collection of genres suited best to our album along with some which don’t. The most popular were Indie-Pop and R&B.

This displays clearly that we have achieved what we needed for our target audience and it was very easy for our peers to discover what our digipak was about, this feedback helped us understand what colours, typefaces and images portray of genre and adjectives best. This shows what are digipak was created for and it was easy for our peers to be able to decode the main genres and the main affects that we wanted it to have on them.

This feedback from out peers has helped us to be able to expand on what colours, typefaces and images fit the best with our genre and artist. We gathered this feedback by asking different age groups to put a tally by which adjectives and genres they thought our digipak was, we gave them two tallies each. The adjectives we used in our feedback sheet encoded our digipak well and our audience decoded our genre correctly, resulting in them having a preferred reading on our digipak, this then told us our mock-up digipak was successful.

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