October 11

Evaluation of shoot

Our shoot went very well, even thought it was quite spontaneous, my group found we had a lot of high quality shots due to the different angles and distances we did. This helped us as we were then able to use a lot of our shoot images in our digipak draft 1 for our artist L.U.N.A.

Our favourite shots we took were:

  • A motion shot of ‘L.U.N.A’ whipping her hair to the left,
  • An extreme close up of the eyes (the purple eyeshadow made this shot stand out significantly) and we could do lots with it when editing,
  • A close up of her looking straight into the camera (The shadows and lighting complimented this shot extremely well as it made her features pop).

However when we started to edit our shots on Adobe Photoshop, we discovered we don’t have enough images of just our performer for our front cover to accurately represent our genre, and although we collated a lot of different angles and distances, we didn’t use any props or different locations, therefore my group has decided we want to do another shoot where we can do all these things.

This hopefully means after our second shoot we will have plenty of shots to use on our digipak in which we can add effects to using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

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