October 11

Production Skills Evaluation 3


During this topic, I have advanced my skills in Photoshop using filter tools to enhance specific elements of the image, my favourite tool was the Camera Raw Filter, this helped my group when creating the first images for our digipak we increased the saturation and changed the levels to make the image cool toned or warm toned, we did this when turning her eye neon pink and electric blue. I used this tool once again when selecting just the pupil to make it stand out from the white of her eyeball. I used this to reflect the electric, unique nature of the performer and their music.

I also played with effects such as the brush stroke tool however it didn’t come out too well as it didn’t match the genre of the image due to it being so close up, the brush had a major effect, this lead to it looking too heavily edited and rubbish. We tried to use liquify to photoshop our performer’s neck inwards to make her conform to social expectations. Overall I think I have advanced my skills in Adobe Photoshop and it will help us in the future when creating our second draft of our digipak.

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