October 12

Digipak Draft 1

Here’s the first draft of our digipak.

Here’s a screencastify our teacher has done for us as our first load of feedback for draft 1 of our digipak.


  • We need to do the spine of the digipak along with the copyright and publisher,
  • Enjoys the interesting back cover image,
  • Aligning the tracks to the right is nice,
  • Redesign text to fill the blank space, move them upwards,
  • Her face is too pink in the back cover image,
  • Try bring in her neck to make it less thick,
  • The two eyes are amazing but 2 is a bit of a cop out,
  • Change the other inside image,
  • Flip one of the eyes,
  • Need to change the font on the front cover,
  • Rethink the angle of ‘Love To Lose’
  • Front cover is anonymous and intriguing, and follows the same theme as the back cover, with the messy hair,
  • Need her face for the audience to connect with her,
  • Change the blue colour of the font to maybe something bolder,
  • The front page and back page could be swapped so the song titles cover the black space,
  • Text on back page needs to be equal distance,
  • Consider front cover and star image.
  • Dots in between luna are a bit confusing
  • Possibly use a different photo as a front cover

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