October 14

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I have chosen to analyse previous students work ‘The XX’ as the genre is quite similar to our brand, an example of this is the colour palettes. The use of cool toned colours such as blue and purple along with the contrasting neon pinks. It is easy to navigate yourself round and has a simple but effective layout. The latest video contrasts the pastel backgrounds. The target audience can establish that the band is an alternative genre, it fits the repertoire of elements for the genre of the music.

The initial page, Home page, is laid out with a leaderboard at the top in a very simple font to convey the brand image. The home page also includes a filter along the top bar as a sort of navigation bar, this takes you straight to the specific section instead of scrolling down. The hero shot is placed in the centre of the page, this is conventional of a website, along with;

  • merchandise,
  • discography,
  • tour dates,
  • and links to social media pages.

these are all used to represent their brand image. The colour palette is carried throughout the website as you scroll down. The genre is accurately displayed in the about section, this gives the target audience a background story for the band and help them connect to the performers. Another section which conforms to the image of the brand is the cinematography used as it fits the genre well as it is shot mainly in mid shot to convey the sense of mystery and the quirky style the band want to portray themselves as, this makes the experience the website more conventional to the fans hopefully resulting in them a preferred reading of the website.

The one element of the web page I would change is the use of blank space, the background is very simple as it is blue with some lines on it, however there’s actually very little going on in the background. Although they included their most recent video, it would be nice to fill this space with some more of their work to use as a pull for their target audience. The use of pulls may also be effective and could improve the overall look of the website, however I think the brand image is displayed accurately through the use of colour, cinematography and specific website elements.

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