November 5

Web Page Draft 1

Please click the image to view the full website.

Our first draft was very successful, we have been given some targets from peers and our teacher, here’s what they said:

  • Add some album covers (random images to act as album covers)
  • The background might be too busy,
  • Make the menu and navigation bar more prominent and obvious,
  • Add some made up news stories, or made up tweets,
  • Explore different fonts, as its very overwhelming in big blocks of texts,
  • Maybe just keep it for the headings,
  • Calligraphy font is a bit hard to read in blocks of copy so use it only for the headings and then choose a less is more font for the copy.
  • Couple of news stories on a news page?
  • Look at the ordering of the pages – Move about higher up
  • Need the DP to feature higher up
  • Use some of the artwork as a background
  • Remember the site is to promote the DP!
  • Add a couple of previous album covers in a discography section
  • Social Media’s is Medias….no apostrophe, move them higher up
  • Remove the pineapples.
  • Photos – give them some framing or shadow to pop them and add some captions on them.
  • The banana menu is hard to see so make it larger or change the image.

Here’s the final draft of my website.

We have adapted our music video to make it much more professional, we’ve changed the colour scheme to fit our star image and added much more navigation to make it easier for our target audience to find their way around the website, hopefully giving them a preferred reading of the site and our products, such as the digipak which features on our home page along with our music video. We’ve added a navigation bar which is pinned to the page, we have also added more pages such as Merchandise and Recent News, these link to pages such as MailOnline.


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