June 4

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

The narrative shoot we shot on Tuesday went very well.

As a group we went to my house and filmed around my garden which made it:

  • A unique location to shoot in which means no one else would have the same backgrounds.
  • Lucy and Brook worked really well together they were very co-operative throughout the shoot.
  • We also had a great pace and got all of our shots completed quickly, ensuring we could take more shots with different angles throughout the day.

A few targets we have given ourselves to develop our directing skills and cinematography skills are to:

  • Try and get more close up’s and more match on action’s.
  • Make sure all of our shots are in focus.
  • Ensure there is a variety of angles of each shot for each location
  • Retake the shot two or three times to ensure you have got that ‘perfect shot’

Giving ourselves targets enable us to make sure we achieve these when we shoot in the future.

May 17

Risk Assessment

Here is our risk assessment for our location shoot for our narrative. This is to prove that we understand the risks that we are taking when going out on our location shoot and we have shown how we will avoid and prevent any possible risks.

May 17

Narrative Storyboard

This is my storyboard for our location shoot of our narrative for our music video. Storyboards help me to figure out what shots I need to collect when filming on our location shoot, this also helps the editor in post production as to what order to edit the clips in we have gone into detail as to what type of shots we would like to achieve. A target we collected from this is that when looking at our narrative shoot footage we realised that it needs more close ups, we didn’t make enough room for loads of close up’s in our story board therefore left them out when recording and means we have to re shoot some shots as we left them out in the storyboard. We will have to upload more storyboards as we are re shooting therefore it will help us in our next shoot.

May 17

Narrative Development

We have decided to create an amplified narrative in which the video will not echo what she is singing but like closely and be inspired by the lyrics and our music video will be combination of anachronic narrative as it is filmed as flashbacks and intertwined with performance in which the performer is involved in the narrative as it is her memories. The equilibrium is disrupted during the middle as she has a flashback to them fighting however in the end, she decides she still wants to be with him, therefore our audience will be encouraged to sympathise with Lucy our main character as she is shown to be upset about the break up of her and her boyfriend.

The ending is a cliff hanger and we have decided to leave it up to the audience interpretation as to what happens, our idea is to show our two actors (Brook and Lucy) walking in the same place towards one another, we will do this through parallel editing, and then have the audience assume they’re going to meet however we will cut just before to leave the audience wondering if they met each other or not therefore making our audience want to watch the music video again to find hints of whether they met or not.

May 14

Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

This is the rough cut from our location shoot. Chloe Heather and I went on a location shoot to the Market Square Building with Lucy and Brook as our actors. We all worked really well together as a team and we set a concentrated working environment for our actors, this helped us get all our shots organised and to get extra shots within the time allocated.

What we found went well:

  • The mise-en-scene (Costume/MakeUp changes etc…),
  • Concentrated, serious working environment,
  • Our location

What we found didn’t go as well:

Unfortunately we didn’t like the outcome of our shots, they were all framed and shot well and our actors did a really good job but it is just not what we had imagined,  therefore we are re-shooting next week, in one set location in one costume with one makeup style, we are hoping this will make the performance look better and make more sense to the audience. However we did still come out with some good shots which will help us with our performance shoot next time.

Overall this performance shoot has helped us as, although we wont be using any of this footage,  we now know what shots we are looking for and the type of mise-en-scene we would like in our next performance shoot which will hopefully suit our genre more as we are changing location and staying in one set location this time.

May 10

Shoot Reflection (Performance)

Heather, Chloe and I shot our location performance in the Market Square Building with Lucy and Brook as our actors., we created a very serious working environment to get all our shots filmed to the best quality possible.

Reflection from the shoot,

  • Our character was portrayed very well due to her mise-en-scene including her costume and makeup, this was very effective as we changed her whole outfit multiple times to ensure there were none of them same accessories (e.g silver necklace to gold necklace etc…) we also changed her eye shadow and lipstick according to what accent colour her outfit was to show the effort we went to, to make our shots the best of their quality
  • We changed her outfit depending on the location, so that we had a variety of shots so that in the music video we would jump from narrative to performance and in each different performance clip she would be wearing a different outfit, but we kept the same mise-en-scene according to the location to ensure our continuity worked well when editing

Our targets would be:

  • Our actors got very cold due to the clothing being more summery when the weather wasn’t very sunny that day, therefore they got tired and this effected the acting towards the end of the day. So next time we must ensure our costumes are weather appropriate to avoid this happening again.

Here are some photos of us on our location shoot:

May 9

Star Image Planning

This is our mood board for our star Sinead Harnett

We researched Sinead and know she has a large social media platform in which she communicates with her fans via this. This keeps her fans up to date and enthusiastic about her next projects. Her social media presents her constructed meta-narrative compared to her chilled out and relaxed personality, this is portrayed by her Instagram as she lives a very easy going life and her pictures show her most recent adventures and how happy, fun and outgoing she is.

Please click on the PDF to view our LucidChart.

May 8

Risk Assessment

Here is our risk assessment for our location shoot. This is to prove that we understand the risks that we are taking when going out on our location shoot and we have shown how we will avoid any possible risks.

May 8

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

To help us with our music video we had a professional come in from Specsavers, he showed us some technical skills in our post production to make our music video more professional looking.

He showed us key framing on Adobe Premiere Pro and showed us how to bleed images together, mask the images and ghosting the clips to them to give a cool effect to our music video.

In conclusion, Lenny Lenfestey really liked our pitch for our music video, he thought the narrative was really clever how we were going to incorporate the polaroids in the performance into the narrative, he says it has a lot of potential and could create a really good effect when editing as we could key frame and transition into the clips.

Lenny has really helped us to envision our music video and helped us to discover what editing skills we will use.