January 24


The advert’s I have chosen for my magazine is the JessieJ ‘Who You Are’ album, as JessieJ is a world famous Popstar, I have also chosen ‘Pumper Up’ Maybelline mascara, as when researching my target audience on YouGov, it said they are teenage girls who are quite girly, it also suits my magazine very well as it includes pink and yellow, which are very bright colours which match the genre well.

January 24

Teacher Feedback and Final Targets

Click here to view my Print Assessment.

Overall Targets:

  • Long shot’s,
  • Make my cover star’s eyes more blue,
  • Change my font as it is hard to read,
  • Position my images and captions more near the edge of the page so they dont cover my cover star model’s face,

Front Page Targets:

  • Move the caption down a bit for Hollie-M’s plug,
  • Move BettyBlu’s plug left more so it doesn’t cover my cover star’s face,
  • Make the yellow lines thicker,
  • Move my images left more,
  • Add a background to Hollie-M’s photo (translucent).

Content’s Page Targets:

  • Strike around ‘6-8’
  • Different shape for the captions on the big images,
  • Top 20 need’s capitol letters,
  • ‘week’s’ needs an apostrophe,
  • Add photos of different people, as there’s too many of Chloe and Jordan.

Double Page Spread Targets:

  • Change the font as it’s hard to read,
  • Add quotes on the photos,
  • Get rid of the white space.
January 16

Feedback on Article

This is my draft article.

My double page spread with the draft article fitted onto it.

This is my peer reading my magazine article, to help me consider if the punctuation is in the right place etc. This helped me to make the decision that I need to change the font as it is quite difficult to read.

January 10

Language Analysis

I am analyzing ‘Unknown (Sept 2017), 10 Tips to Life, Chris Catchpole.’


The article is an Interview on his top 10 tips for life. You are not aware of the presence of a journalist as they are not asking questions which have been put in the article. It doesn’t state whether they met, it was an anonymous interview. The impact of this is that it shows that the interview may not have been in person and he could, for example, written to the rapper instead and got a reply from him. The sense of location is very removed as it doesn’t give a location to where they met or where their interview occurred.


The person being written about is displayed as very knowledgeable, this is mainly due to the language used within their article but also the headings and the words ’10 commandments’ gives Wyclef Jean very heavenly connotations as commandments were used in the bible as the main rules to follow, therefore Wyclef is portrayed as having authority. The article has little of its own words as it is more quotes from Jean himself, although they use the title ‘Thou Shalt Covet These Five Albums’ which has biblical references, meaning you should own these albums, but is quite an old fashioned way of putting it. The journalist is also using direct address by saying ‘thou’. There’s no use of similes or metaphors and the article is written in all quotes as everything is in his words.

The Experience:

The reader will gain knowledge and understanding on Wyclef and his 10 rules in life. The musician is presented as quite easy going and overall, a happy person, this is displayed as he says to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’, he is also displayed as not caring about what people think of him as he says some explicit words.

January 10

Draft 4 Feedback and Targets

My targets for my final draft of all my pages:

  • Change the background colour of my front page as the white is too bland,
  • Make the size of the barcode smaller,
  • Change the size of the cover lines so that they’re all around about the same size,
  • Yellow boarder lines at the bottom of the page to make it symmetrical to where the masthead is,
  • Whiten the teeth of my front cover star to match my contents page model,
  • Main cover star should feature in my double page spread,
  • Look for where is my stand first is going to go (summing up the article),
  • Add a drop shadow,
  • Add quotes on top of models to remove the dead space,
  • Fill the white space on my double page spread as it is a bit flat, e.g add a boarder to fill the space.
December 15

Draft 3 – The Double Page Spread

This is my double page spread about Jordy and Chloe.G



  • The image where the model is looking at the other one.
  • Text wrapping.


  • Fill in the white.
  • Add some quotes.
  • Add another box before the text.
  • Standfirst,
  • Drop the capital,
  • logo of mag,
  • byline,
  • photographer
  • page numbers
  • more paragraphs

This is my new and improved front page I have improved it by adding more colour as I added a blue box in which I will add quotes from my models. I also removed all the white I could from around my models to help my models to stand out more from the background and I filled in the white space above my text. I have added page numbers and the photographer, along with adding paragraphs to break up my text. I also made the first letter of my paragraphs bigger.

December 13

Draft 2 – The Contents Page

This is my first draft of my contents page, this should include:

  • page numbers,
  • photos,
  • brief catchy lines,
  • main stories in bigger boxes,
  • lots of colour.

Positive Feedback:

  • nice use of colours,
  • appealing box shape,
  • nice layout.


  • Smaller contents title,
  • change the font on the right hand side,
  • shorter titles
  • add an editors note

This is my new and improved version of my contents page. I have made added an editors note to convince my target audience to carry reading my magazine after page 20, made one of my pictures smaller along with my contents title and have moved my side photos upwards so I could add another brief plug. I also added a page number to help my reader navigate their way around my magazine easier. I think I have improved my contents page a lot.