December 8

2nd Shoot Contact Sheets


These are my contacts sheets from my 2nd photo shoot down at Perelle (Mrs Cobbs House). I am very pleased with my shoot, these are my best photos from the shoot and why. The bottom contact sheet are my best photos that I’ve selected, as they can be titled well and the depth of field is great, in these photos the focus on specific objects is a nice detail, e.g the cards. These photos correctly convey the ideas of my cover star as I wanted, they show the fun, adventurous side of the genre. The body language and facial expression convey the right ideas, e.g happy, outgoing, confident.


December 1

A New Improved Front Page

This is my new and improved front cover of my music magazine.

These are the changes I made:

  • I added more colour (pink, blue, orange, yellow).
  • Made the font more suited to the genre.
  • I enlarged the picture and changed the photo.
  • Highlighted the plugs in pink with the main words in yellow, to stand out.
  • I ensured there were no gaps between the blocks of colour where the text is.


November 29

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment for my 2nd photo shoot at Perelle for the double page spread of my music magazine. I created this risk assessment to ensure the safety of the students going on the trip, this will help to avoid injuries.

November 23

Draft 1 – The Front Page

This is my first draft of my front page of my music magazine, it needs lots of improvements, including colours, fonts, and rearranging images on the page.

I have been given feedback on my first draft by a professional designer and from my peers on my front cover, these are a few thing I was told and had to improve on:

  • the text under the photos wasn’t one you’d see in a pop magazine, therefore I had to change that by putting it into pink blocks with the main words such as ‘LEAKED!’ in yellow, to stand out from the pink background.
  • I also got told that I should change my Masthead font as it doesn’t match my genre accurately, and would better suit a fashion magazine, therefore have downloaded more fonts off of Dafont.
  • I need the colour in my background to represent my genre therefore have changed it from white, this helps my model stand out from the background better.
  • My model should be in colour on the front cover as it suits my genre better.

My first draft of my front cover reflects my genre accurately as it is full with a few key bright colours, but not too many that it is hard to read. My front cover includes plugs, a main cover line, my cover star image, a masthead, issue date, price and bar code. I could have improved this by adding a pug but other than this I have included all the key features of a music magazine front cover.

My targets would be:

  • change my masthead font.
  • add more colour to my front page, including background and font colours to suit the genre.
  • the main cover star image should be in colour as it will match the genre of my magazine better.
November 21

First Shoot Contact Sheets

These are all the images I took and collated into contact sheets, this is my first photo shoot of the cover star I designed for the music magazine. I dresses her in a black shimmery dress with a microphone as a prop, her poses are very confident as she is trying to convey the idea that she is outgoing and flirty, I used the white studio so it would be easier to cut out my cover star if I’d like to place her on top of a different background. I think my shoot was very successful as I am finding it very hard to decide on just one photo for my front cover.

November 17

Early Mock Ups

This is my Lick and Stick of how I wish for my magazine to be sat out. The bottom left is my front page in which I will have my main cover star in the background with plenty of plus on top with the masthead at the top and bar code bottom right. The top A3 sheet of paper is my two middle pages from left to right which will feature quotes and photos of my cover star ( i have noted the best photos in which I’d like to use) the right page will also be filled with photos of my cover star, ranging from close-ups to long shots. The bottom right A4 piece of paper is my contents page which will include what will be in the magazine and an index of what pages.

November 14

Mast Head Designs

These are the fonts I am thinking of using for my music magazine masthead, the one I finally decided on is on the right (Trajan Pro 3), I coloured this in a burgundy colour as I feel it suits the genre of music well. The sans serif font suits the genre well as it is clear and easy to read.

November 14

Star Image

In this slideshow I have used Katy Perry as the main inspiration for the image of my cover star, this is to get an idea of how my cover star must act and come across to be shown in the same light as Katy Perry, I have collected some of her social media. Her meta-narrative shows how she is a very powerful woman as she stands up for her beliefs and is very influential with a high social media following. This creates the persona that she is a good idol for younger girls.

Katy Perry is represented as someone who will stand up for what she believes in and doesn’t care about what people have to say, she is also shown as quite money orientated as she advertises her own merchandise all over her social media pages. This represents most of the people within the pop industry. My front cover model will be represented as a powerful female figure so sets a good example for her female teenage fans/followers, she will be shown as confident and a party animal and this will be displayed in her clothes and make-up.

I would like my cover star to be displayed in the same way as Katy Perry. As powerful, confident, glamorous and an independent woman.