June 29

Production Skills Evaluation 2

Our group had Lenny Lenfestey come into our class and give us feedback on our music video, the main bit of feedback he gave us was that the performance image angles are really good, however they need to be slightly colour corrected so that they all match and it will make it more aesthetically pleasing for the audience. He taught us some more technical skills such as:

  • The echo effect,
  • The adjustment layer,
  • The Vignette effect, that frames the image,

In this first screenshot, I used an echo effect when our performer is being pushed on the swing.

Overall this helped develop my skills in all these fields, especially technical skills where Lenny, taught me how to add echo layer, which makes our videos look more like a memory when we use that effect especially as we’ve added an adjustment layer over the top which is a Sepia like effect, this aids to the idea of it being a flashback, the reason for these effects are that in the video we need to clearly display that she’s looking back on memories as opposed to it being in real life. This helped me improve my technical skills and showed an improvement when I next went onto Premiere Pro.

Here we used colour correction in which we then added onto an adjustment layer so we could lay this over all our rose clips. This colour correction enhanced the reds within the image, to make the key flower stand out.

We used more video transitions to give our video more fluidity, as it create a smoother transition between our narrative (the flashbacks) and our performance (the present). We used the technical skill to layer the performance over the narrative, this also represents how her memories are still with her and are interlinked.

June 4

Production Skills Evaluation 1

The design skills and production techniques I have learnt throughout the planning, production and post-production of our music video are:

  • The planning and organisation skills used when directing the shoot,
  • The use of cinematography techniques (including framing and angles) when filming,
  • The use of technical design skills in Premiere Pro when editing our video.

Some new techniques I have learnt during the process of creating our music video:

  • Ensuring the continuity within our music video adds up,
  • To ensure you collect enough footage for our performance and narrative,
  • Always remember to get as many close up’s as possible,
  • I have learnt to edit to the rhythm to make the video more aesthetically pleasing for our audience to watch.

These skills will help me in my development in the production and post-production areas as we continue to film and edit our music video, here we have razor bladed many clips together, flashing between narrative and performance, also to increase the pace of the edit. These are the same as the rest of my group, as we all participated evenly and shared roles in which we all have individual aspects we need to improve on but overall we have the same targets.

Here’s an example of one of our many close-up’s/ match on action’s which we have edited very finely also with the razor blade tool and have edited to the beat by looking at the audio.

Here we edited to the beat and changed the shot every time she sang ‘live it up’ to show our varieties of shots and to make our video more aesthetically pleasing for our audience we did this by looking at the height of the bars within the audio which we key frames and cut up to ensure we could fit clips in between a beat.