January 29

So How Did It Go?

My magazine has helped me to develop skills in all areas, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign and many features within these applications. I have received feedback on my drafts from my teacher and my peers, on specific element of my magazine that I could change and generally how to improve my pages, in which I then uploaded another draft so I’m able to compare the pages and make judgement based on the previous pages and my new, improved pages. This has helped me to develop my editing skills a lot.

I have stuck to my main colour theme of pink, yellow and blue, as the colours suit my brand and I have ensured that my brand image is clearly displayed through my magazine, especially in my images and the mise-en-scene within the photos, this runs through all of my pages, therefore makes them go together well and the brand is clearly displayed through out my magazine. Also the journalism aspect of the magazine was challenging but once I knew how to layout my interview and after drafting the article and getting feedback I knew what I had to improve on. once I’d received all my feedback I improved my final targets to make my magazine as good as it could be for my penultimate draft.

December 18

So… How Is It Going?

The genre I chose for my magazine is Pop, I have created this through: the fonts that I used for my masthead, and text within my magazine including my titles, it is shown through my choice of colours used for my background, the colour of my text and the text boxes. I have also thought about the colours used within my mise-en-scene and star image along with the background and location of my photos. The pop genre is clearly displayed within my magazine to my target audience through my front cover, my contents page and my double page spread.

I have worked really hard to achieve this, therefore I am really please with my 3 pages as they all fit really well and all look like they are from the same magazine, as they use the same colour scheme and same kind of layout across all 3 of the pages. My images are well cut out and well photo shopped, therefore leaving no harsh edges and they stand out to convey my star image of my pop models as being excitable, confident and energetic.


December 18

Design Skills 2

I used the pen tool to shape my writing around my models, this creates a more interesting layout as the writing won’t be in one block, it will have varied line length and will wrap around my models to help them stand out and highlight their costume and create a more convincing star image.

In my magazine I added columns to break up the text into 4 columns over my two pages, and this will make it easier to read and easier to navigate your way around the 2 pages. I also used it to create a more appealing layout of my double page spread.

To create my background, I deleted the original background as it was way over exposed, therefore I cut out my models using the magic wand tool and then I placed them onto my double page spread, this also allowed me to change the background colour of my models. I went for a plain white one as I thought this would help the headings, quotes and text stand out from the background to convey the star image of them being confident, excitable and energetic, therefore they have the stand out from the background.

December 13

Design Skills 1

My first skill is in Adobe Indesign, I created my contents title by making the box yellow and the writing pink. I did this as the pink and yellow contrast with each other really well, this made it stand out, I used it as the yellow is a very bright colour which well suited the pop genre of my magazine.

I created my boxes in Indesign by going onto the box shape tool and clicking rounded, as it created a softer edge which suited my genre better.

In Adobe Photoshop I cut out the background from my model so that if I wanted to use it as a background for my double page spread, I did this by using the quick selection tool, I then used the softener tool make the jagged sides less harsh and made the sides softer to give a more accurate cut.

I erased all of my models spots and freckles on his face to make him up to this generations beauty standards and the beauty standards within my genre, I did this by using the healing brush tool, this erased and patched any blemishes on his skin. The star image is key in my pop genre as my model is energetic, excitable and confident, the whitening of his teeth ad erasing of the blemishes reflects this as it shows he is trying to keep up the the latest trends.

November 16

So… I am Ready to Photograph My Star

I have chosen to create my music magazine based on the pop genre, I need to consider all the mise-en-scene for my cover star to entice my target audience, this includes thinking about her costume, props, her position (pose in the photo) for my magazine to be perfect and to suit the genre well.

I know how I can make my magazine look very professional as I have learnt how to set up my cover star for my magazine to appropriately suit the genre. I will have to consider different lighting  (key light, back light, fill light), the camera angles (high angle, low angle, canted, close-up etc…) and props (microphone, jewelry) and make-up.

October 31

So… I’m ready to make some media

When designing my magazine cover I will have to consider a range of features to catch to eye of my target audience. For example I will have to consider the colour palette I use, the font styles and the image/images I put on my magazine and within this I must look at the lighting, costume, positioning and what messages I am trying to convey within them, this is also reflected in the way I lay out my magazine so must take this into account. I must consider the aspects of my genre and I can look at other magazine’s as examples.

I must include different types of language features such as superlatives to make my magazine stand out to its target audience. I should include different aspects of psycographics and demographics. I will use my Indesign and Photoshop skills to achieve a magazine which entices my target audience and persuades them to read it.