October 23

Flow Chart and Preferred Template

My group created a flow chart of ideas when making our website, this meant we were then able to get a clear idea as to what we wanted our website to look like, we collected all the information needed to put onto our webpage and made a flow chart to help create and organise a typical RnB/Pop Webpage that is attractive to our target audience.

Below is the layout we chose, for our webpage, which included all of the following:

  • Home/Splash Page
  • Latest Work
  • About L.U.N.A
  • News
  • Tour Dates
  • Merchandise

We then signed onto Wix.com and created a student account, we selected a template in which we thought suited our star and genre.


October 12

Website Terminology

Here are some terms I’ve learnt so far from learning about creating a webpage, I looked up other artists and applied my knowledge to see what they’d included in their websites. This will help me when creating my own website to know what I need to include.

The website’s are very similar to a magazine as it incorporates elements such as the leaderboard, which acts as a masthead. Along with the ‘Hero Shot’ which correlates to the main cover star.

March 12

Preliminary Montage

Here’s the draft of a storyboard for my montage video so when shooting I knew what shots I needed and the locations, it also helped when editing as I roughly knew the order I wanted to edit my clips into.

This is my preliminary Montage task.

There are many things I liked and many things I could have improved on, such as…

  • I could have improved on getting a variety of shots such as more close ups and more long shots,
  • I didn’t get any match on actions therefore I would add them next time,
  • Next time I need to add music as my computer wasn’t co operating and wouldn’t let me upload mp3 files.

What I liked was…

  • The transitions to show a different location or a large passing of time,
  • The shots are framed well with enough lead space and rule of thirds is considered,
  • I like the chronological order so it makes sense to the audience.
March 12

Preliminary Continuity Task


My preliminary task has used the following camera techniques such as…

  • close up of the sweater in the bag and of the man unwrapping it,
  • a long shot of the woman walking down the corridor with the sweater, I also used this when the woman storms out with the jumper,
  • I mainly used medium shots of the conversations,
  • I used one two shot when the woman says ‘Present face!’ to help connect with the characters,
  • I also used over the shoulder shots of the conversation.

I used techniques such as…

  • quick cuts when editing to create a sense of urgency and frustration
  • I also used 180 degree rule to not confuse the audience and to give a sense of space.
  • match on action helped the piece to flow.

I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules like…

  • 180 degree rule,
  • match on action
  • and shot reverse shot.

I used these rules to make sure my piece flows and runs well without unmotivated cuts.

I have learnt to use in Premiere Pro…

  • the razor blade tool, to split my clip,
  • I used the audio and video tool,
  • I also learnt how to used the Mark In (I) and Mark Out (O) tool.

I used these tools to…

  • make it easier to insert other footage and so it all flows well,
  • so I could drag either the audio or video onto the editing strip,
  • so I could cut the clip down to the footage I needed.

If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently…

  • I would make sure I have enough shots so it makes it easier when editing,
  • I would try and get more match on actions,
  • I would get more of a variety of shots, such as extreme close up, medium long shot etc…
October 20

My Tour Poster

Please click on my poster to see it in more detail

I created this poster from my original photo shoot I did a few weeks ago.

Some aspects I need to improve on are:

  • How to group photos as when I moved on this the whole photo would reset and I had to readjust the whole page.
  • I need to use more extensive vocabulary next time to entice the reader.
  • I need to improve on finding fonts which work well with the genre and theme of the poster.

This is a mood board I created before making my poster to visualise the target audience, the colour palette/scale I would want to use and the stereotypical types of setting if I was going to use a background.


October 12

My Copy of A Professional Magazine Front Page

This is my version on the bottom of the NME magazine cover featuring Joe Strummer, I used Adobe Indesign to create my final product which I had never used, but I will be using this again when creating my own poster.

The aspects I felt I was successful in were:

  • Finding fonts which correlated to the real cover,
  • The colour scheme of the magazine cover,
  • The extra effects like adding lines under writing etc.

Aspects I felt I wasn’t so successful in were:

  • The proportions were slightly off as I found it difficult to enlarge the photo without decreasing the quality.
  • I found it hard to find the correct colours and to customize my own colours.
  • It was difficult to transport the photo from Adobe Photoshop to Adobe Indesign, this is why I couldn’t airbrush the photo of Joe Strummer.

Youtube Tutorials explaining how to do this:


October 9

Lick & Stick Mock-Up

We analysed this magazine cover to show the importance of the main cover line, the main cover star and the masthead, We were trying to reinforce the terms included in the magazine, this will help me when designing my own cover, and how to include the conventional technical design features.

October 6

The Camera Talks

Here’s a mood board I have created by using composition, angles and distance to convey a story. I have used hashtags on the photos to specify the key camera techniques used and the story I was trying to tell within the photo.

For the photo I took of the leaves, I wanted to get a close up of the water droplets as they looked very delicate, the higher angle gives a sense of superiority and the detail of the leaves are highlighted in the close up I used a low aperture with a high shutter speed to let in little light. This has helped me to understand what the aperture and shutter speed effect and how the angles and compositions convey a story.

October 5

Technical Camera Terms

These are my contact sheets in which I specialized in angles, distance and composition. I also studied aperture and shutter speed when taking photos and worked with different lighting’s, for example, natural sunlight, shade and artificial lighting. .This practice will help me when taking photos for any future media studies project when I have to take photos in varied lighting’s. The high angles gives connotations for the person behind the camera a sense of superiority and the subject being photographed conveys ideas of vulnerable and innocent. This could be used when taking a photo of a child as they are inferior. This helped me to learn how to convey meaning within a photo by using angles, composition and distance.

September 26

My image that uses mise-en-scene for meaning

My mood board is made up of a collection of icons which represent the genre of pop, including, album covers, pop stars and items in which are associated with classic pop symbols.

A collage full of the words that were used to describe the pop outfit during our lesson, the pose conveyed seduction and the pink dress connotes that she’s a glamorous party girl.

This is my contact sheet of all of the photos we took during our album cover photo shoot. We dressed our model in a pink sparkly dress, this conveyed ideas that she was glamorous, outgoing and confident. We used a gold light reflector, this gave the photos a very warm tone which represented the comfortable character of the pop star, most of our shots were good quality and could have been used for our album cover but we decided on a final few which really reflected the pop genre accurately as they conveyed glamour, youthfulness and the pop stars cheeky character.

We chose this photo as our final photo as it shows off the glamorous pink dress as well as the models glittery make-up and silver jewellery. The facial expression of the model is very seductive and she is looking right into the camera this gives a personal feel to the photo, the make-up is minimal yet has bursts of colour like on the lips and eyes, the pink on her eyes really accentuates her light blue eyes. She’s holding a pair of sunglasses as a fashion statement conveying that she is very fashionable. I discovered that using the slight high angle it made the model look much more innocent and the gold light reflector gave a very warm feel to the photo.