October 23

Flow Chart and Preferred Template

My group created a flow chart of ideas when making our website, this meant we were then able to get a clear idea as to what we wanted our website to look like, we collected all the information needed to put onto our webpage and made a flow chart to help create and organise a typical RnB/Pop Webpage that is attractive to our target audience.

Below is the layout we chose, for our webpage, which included all of the following:

  • Home/Splash Page
  • Latest Work
  • About L.U.N.A
  • News
  • Tour Dates
  • Merchandise

We then signed onto Wix.com and created a student account, we selected a template in which we thought suited our star and genre.


October 12

Website Terminology

Here are some terms I’ve learnt so far from learning about creating a webpage, I looked up other artists and applied my knowledge to see what they’d included in their websites. This will help me when creating my own website to know what I need to include.

The website’s are very similar to a magazine as it incorporates elements such as the leaderboard, which acts as a masthead. Along with the ‘Hero Shot’ which correlates to the main cover star.