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My Magazine cover


This week we talked about indesign and now I know the basic skills on how to use it. Putting my knowledge into practical practice I created a duplicate of the magazine cover, these skills allowed me to  make it as similar as possible. From creating my own copy of the NME cover I have further been able to include the different magazine conventions, many of these were the Masthead. cover star lines and captions, all of these pieced together the final product.

What went well in creating my cover?

  • I managed to find a similar picture of the the original, it was not the exact same pose but looked as if it was from the same shoot.
  • I was able to use the correct colours for my font etc.

What did I struggle with?

  • In this task I struggled with finding the font which was close the to the original. I found some but had to do a lot of alterations to the size and spacing between, thankfully the skills which I was taught using indesign meant I had a slight chance of making it similar.
  • Another thing which I struggled with in this task was getting a correct layout of everything. Personally I feel i struggled with this due to the positioning of the image. On the original magazine cover Rhianna is quite slanted meaning where the space was writing was able to be included. Where as the picture which I selected she was straight in the middle with limited room for writing.

These particular youtube videos are great tutorials on how to use indesign. They all give detailed instructions and advice on how to use it and create the best piece possible.


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