Draft of The Double Page Spread



I think my DPS is conventional because it includes:

  • An image on the left hand side
  • Columns

Feedback on my First DPS Draft:

  • some more colour
  • drop capitals
  • add boxes around text or add a border around to be more creative
  • very plain add more detail

My targets for improvement:

  • add drop capitals
  • add an images which relates to the story of my article

Communicating my brand

On Pinterest I have created a Mood Board on the genre of my Music Magazine, POP. I have included the features which I may include such as:

  • Colour scheme/wheel
  • Album covers
  • Artists
  • Outfits/costume/hair/makeup
  • Instruments
  • Fonts

All of these are very important within the genre. Although as we know, every day POP is evolving so this is an example of some inspiration I can use when creating my cover.

Audience Profiling

This task consisted of me pulling apart a magazine cover and further analyse its uses and gratifications. By doing this I was able to find out its demographics, psychographics and target audience.

Demographics are categorised in terms of concrete variables such as age, class, gender, geographical location and socio-economic groups.

Psychographics refers to the groups of people by personality, values & beliefs, attitudes, interests and lifestyles and this may be due to the communities of each person- they differ between different ones.

Whereas the target audience is just the age range group of people the magazine is targeted towards.

When creating my own music magazine it is really important I take all these things into consideration as it will allow me to portray my intended narrative as effectively as possible.

So.. How can an imagine communicate meaning?

Throughout the media the are many features which will show a big part in demonstrating a meaning, these are included in mis-en-scene.

  • Costume
  • Lighting
  • Makeup and hair
  • Props
  • Acting
  • Setting

All these features of the mis-en-scene are important factors in portraying the intended narrative in media. For example the costuming will be help indicate to the audience maybe a specific era, or a characters’ personality by what they are wearing. It is representation of a person.

The camera angle is another thing to take into consideration, either a high or low angle will give different views or intentions.

  • A low camera angle maybe represent to the audience different sizes. Low angle look up so it could be a child looking up to an adult or an inspiration.
  • A high camera angle can represent someone looking down on someone. A character maybe be looking down on someone with a lower social status than them, higher up in the heirarchy. It may represent superiority.

The distance between the camera and what it is trying to represent will also help to show the intended narrative in media.

  • A close up shot may have the intentions of showing a specific relationship, a possible approach of how close it may be. It can also represent intimacy or how intense a situation is. It all depends on the narrative.
  • A long shot is used to portray a character within its surroundings.
  • Mid shots may be used to present a characters body language and also a shot where we may be able to see their emotions and other characteristics.

By having this knowledge I will be able to use it when creating my own Music Magazine and it will give me an idea in what is best to do so my intended narrative is portrayed successfully.

Technical Camera Terms

The features of a camera; learning the different shutter speeds. Fast shutter speeds are used within photography and the media for freeze motion pictures whereas slow shutter speeds are used for low light pictures (nighttime photographs). The aperture in the camera is a small hole inside the lens, this small hole allows light to pass through the camera, therefore the bigger the hole the more light that is able to pass through. With this knowledge of the two features, we know now how they both will create a good photo.   An example of the both is, a fast shutter speed with be necessary when taking pictures of someone moving (doing an action) so you can capture each movement as quickly as possible. On the other hand, if you were taking a picture of a flower, the aperture will be an important thing to consider as you will need to ensure that the lighting, angle and focus is correct to display it properly.

Throughout my photo shoot I had to ensure I used a variety of all the camera angles we have be taught about recently. The two main components of the shots of angle include Long shot, Close up and in further depth of them two include extra close up, extra long shot, medium close up etc. Each of these have a meaning and assist in portraying a story through the frame (if there is one) Within a shot there will most likely be a deeper meaning.

The variety of all kinds of shots are taken and you can clearly see them on my contact sheet. The narrative of each of my photos represent happiness and sadness along with what you can see in the background in many long shots. The distance is a key feature in making this shoot efficient. My close up shots don’t show a wider background so can only see what is directly behind my model. In some situations this may create intensity in further knowledge to what is going on.

Although my pictures aren’t just telling a story, within each photo there is a narrative. Each one is selling an image and as a whole giving off a vibe into which the audience may get from it. Therefore the narrative is portrayed through this.


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