Music Video Draft 4

Below is our draft 4 of our music video:

What we have changed:

  • Edited brightness of most clips
  • Made black flower background brighter
  • Added more clips to make faster edits
  • Added balloon background
  • Added transitions such as block dissolve and radial swipe
  • Changed from split screen to one clip moving around screen
  • Added 4 colour gradient effect
  • Added colour emboss

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

Two members of the creative team at specsavers came into our lesson to give us feedback and tips for our videos. We thought about some questions to ask them which included; how to do a split screen?, How to to brighten the colours so they are all the same? How to add something into the background?

We showed them our video and they told us that the MES was good and they liked the colours and it all worked well for the song we chose. They also showed us how to do some new effects which we had never done before such as:

  • Using the mask tool. We got shown how to use the mask tool to cut out part of a clip to make it show in front of a clip behind. We could then change the opacity to the amount we wanted the image to be seen. We used this in the background of a couple of clips such as the one with black flowers.
  • Using an adjustment layer to put the same affect/ colour on a selected amount of clips. However, he said that sometimes it is better to edit the colour of each clip individually because the lighting is usually different every time a new clip is filmed.
  • He showed us an easy way of doing a split screen which involved changing the scale and position of the clips which were layered on top of one another so more than one would show on the screen. He also showed us how to use the mask tool for this so we could change the shaped of the clip in order to fit them on the screen.

My partner and I then did some further research suing you tube tutorials on what they had told us in order to make sure we knew exactly what to do:

Production Skills Evaluation 2

As we created another draft for our music video we also learnt some new effects and design skills which can be used in future editing to make sure the video is conventional to the pop genre as well as being creative.

Mask Tool:

A couple of the people on the specsavers team came in to show us different ways of editing to make our video more interesting. One skill they showed us was the mask tool which allows you to add an image to the background and mask around/ show the video playing underneath. We used it to put a clip which we held the frame on so it became a still image in the background of the performer to fill some of the white space. This works by changing the opacity of the image/ clips and blending them together using the mask expansion. This helped us layer up on the narrative and performance to even the amount of performance and narrative out


We added some lyrics into a couple of clips mainly to fill in blank backgrounds but once we did it we realized it actually looks really good and suits the pop genre with the fast changing of words to match the quick and upbeat music.

Positioning and scale:

We used the positioning ans scale sections when creating the split screens in our second draft. We could slide the mouse to the left and right to change the position to go to different parts of the screen and up and down so we could get the position correct. We also changed the scale so that we could put four clips onto one screen. This allows us to add a fun side to the star image as she can move around the screen. Changing the scale makes it easy for us to draw attention to the star in different ways which we did not achieve with the camera, such as zooming into her face to make it more personal and intimate with the audience.


Music Video Draft 3

This is draft 3 of our music video. We have used the targets from our teacher and some of the advice from the specsavers team to create a better draft with brighter colours, more effects and transitions.

What we changed:

  • Brightened most of the clips because they are quite dark
  • Steadied the black flower shot at around 00.09.01
  • Added a still shot of black flowers to the background for the performer to sing in front at around 00.27.20
  • Put lyrics around the performer at around 00.55.10
  • Added another clip of narrative which is a slow motion clip with the balloons at around 1.10.02 to help with the build up of colour
  • Added block dissolve at 1.39.02
  • Made a 4 way split screen at around 1.27.22
  • Inserted text saying “HEY!” at around 2.12.00

We asked five other media students from our class for feedback which they gave to us in the comments of the YouTube video:

What they said went well:

  • The MES was really good
  • Good story line
  • Colours work well together
  • Narrative and performance are well balanced
  • The lyrics on screen look good
  • Use a wide range of shots
  • Split screens are effective
  • Black flower background looks good


Targets they gave us:

  • The background colour in some shots is dull so needs to be brightened to match other shots
  • The side on shot lip syncing is off
  • Second chorus needs faster paced edits
  • Background mask should be used more
  • The split screen at 1.54 needs to be more even
  • Some of the lip syncing is off so needs to be changed
  • Black spotting effect looks weird being just once

Feedback from Teacher

Below is the link of the screen-castify which our teacher sent us giving us feedback on our draft one including narrative and performance.

What our teacher said went well:

  • Intimate strange angles work well
  • Mes-en-scene is great
  • Side angles are good
  • The close ups which are there are good but more can be added
  • Colours are really nice
  • The shot of the girl with the balloons and the close up works well and looks good
  • Most of the lip syncing is in time
  • The quick cut review
  • Sped up balloons rising
  • Close up pan from flowers to the girls face
  • All of the green shots which go from long shot to mid shot to close up at different point throughout the video


  • Quite a few of the shots need to be stabilized
  • Contrasts need to be strengthened from the black to the really bright colours
  • The long-mid shot of in the green costume has a lot of background and could do with something being there to stop it looking bland- some lyrics or graphics
  • Include a close up of the single yellow flower with the black flowers
  • There needs to be more shots with her moving through the frame such as flicking her hair or her body just moving through the frame to create some dynamic and intimacy
  • Make sure that the build up to colour is smooth and doesn’t jump too much
  • Add in more close ups- intimacy and intensity
  • Create some transitions with the movements
  • Add some energy into the edits with the movement and transitions with close ups of her hands or hair etc moving through the frame
  • Go through and double check some of the clips for lip syncing to make sure it’s all in time
  • Cut more between mid shot and close up to make it have less of a static feel
  • Really slow down the last shot
  • Could maybe reference back to the opening shot
  • Add in some split screens with mirrors and transfers and crops to create more intimacy and to help the energy build up- singing with different costumes
  • Needs more close ups
  • Needs more movement in the frame- this could make some interesting transitions

Production Skills Evaluation 1

When editing my music video on Premiere Pro I have learnt some new skills which I can use throughout the production process to help when making the rest of the video and the other drafts.


I have learnt how to add some effects such as cross dissolve which is an effect which allows you to fade/dissolve into another clip which I found useful when editing the narrative into the performance clips so that there is continuity.

Colour correcting

I used the effects panel to edit the colour of the clips because the lighting is off in a few of them. I can use this effect to make the shots look brighter and more vibrant to suit the genre better through bright colours and lots of vibrance allowing us to create the star image we want to portray which was a colourful, bright and confident person as well as meeting the genre conventions.

Changing the speed of a clip and reversing it

I can slow down the clip and speed them up which means I can make some parts slow motion or a lot quicker so that the clips fit with the beat better. I can also reverse the clips which makes the clips look quite fun because we can use one clip and then copy it and make it go the opposite way. I used this for the narrative in a few clips to make it more interesting and variety because the change of speed makes it different as well as fun like the conventions of the pop genre.

Razor tool

I used the razor tool to cut into specific clips at the times I needed to in order to make sure the lip syncing and timings are right. This is going to help me throughout the rest of the making of the music video because it is a necessary tool to use when cutting clips and editing to the beat. This helped us when putting the story of our narrative together because we could cut it at specific points leading up to the climax and then to make sure we had the new equilibrium in the right place.

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

Self Assessment:

My partner and I worked together to edit the video doing equal amounts each to ensure we both get a chance to edit. We used our performance draft and added narrative into the parts we think would be appropriate in order to tell the story but not to overwhelm the performance. We cut down the clips and edited to the beat to create a sense of continuity within the story. We also slowed down some clips and sped some up as well as reversed them to add a sense of variety for the clips and some fun into the video making it conventional to the pop genre.

What went well:

  • We added some effects such as cross dissolve to add some transitions to the clip
  • We enhanced some of the colours to make the clip brighter
  • Our narrative shots look good with the performance clips especially the close up of her with the balloons


  • Colour correct the clips so they look the same and so they can be brighter and more vibrant to suit the genre
  • Make sure the clips are still- stabilize them
  • Double check the lip syncing is in time
  • More close ups and variety so it is more personal

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

Our narrative shoot was in the White Studio at school over an afternoon. To prepare for this shoot we had to make sure we had the costumes sorted and the make up. I also had to but 2 bouquets of the same flowers and get some black spray paint so that I could turn them black. I sprayed them the night before so they wouldn’t die completely before the shoot. I also had to collect the balloons from the shop where they put the helium in. This meant we had a lot of items to bring in so luckily we chose to do it at school instead of transporting them to different locations.

What went well:

  • We got lots of clips which we can use which means we can get lots of coverage
  • We had a better tripod than the one we had for the performance shoot which meant that overall our shots were steadier and more focused
  • The colours of the flowers looked really nice because they were so bright and they contrasted well with the spray painted black flowers
  • We managed to get a few different shots and angles but the studio sometimes limits this as you can’t get long shots

What didn’t go well:

  • We ran out of time because we were unable to stay in the studio for as long as we were hoping
  • We didn’t manage to get all of the shots we wanted from our story board because we ran out of time
  • It would have been more useful to get some more variety in shots.
  • The shots could have been more still and for a longer time because we kept moving the camera instead of holding it still in place
  • We should not have zoomed instead we should have done different shots getting closer or further away

Narrative Storyboard

Below is our story board which shows 40 different shots outlining the story and some notes about what kind of camera angles we are going to use. The drawings help us visualize the shot so we know what we are doing. We can take this along with us for the shoot so we know what we want the shots to look like and we can use it when editing to make sure the story is in order. This helps us to plan out our story using the narrative structure of an equilibrium which is her in black as well as black objects, a climax which is the colour coming into the shot and a new equilibrium where she is now all in colour and happy. We have also managed to plan out each shot in order to show the binary oppositions which are entrapment and freedom which will be shown through the use of colour and lack of throughout the shots.