Prezi Presentation of a Music Artist

In order to create my own cover star I needed to familiarise myself with an existing star who fits my magazine style. I chose Billie Eilish for this because she is a very current and innovative pop artist with the same style in which I would like to produce my magazine and cover star.

This exercise helped me understand how an artist’s entire meta narrative shapes how they are represented, and thus how the magazines they feature on are represented.  For example, Eilish is constantly in bright, neon colours which presents her as youthful and outgoing, and so advertising the covers she appears on as such.

Creating My Cover Star

I drew inspiration from my existing cover star of Eilish when choosing costume by picking a neon streetwear style, I chose this style because it connotes views of being current and contemporary whilst also drawing attention to the star. I also chose the prop of a microphone to more clearly display that my star is a musician. For hair and makeup I decided to use very sleek and straight hair because this makes it far easier to cut out in photoshop without making the background look unnatural, for makeup I would like to use a very minimal and natural look to represent the youthful attitude of the pop genre and of my magazine.

I also considered poses to use for my cover, I really like the idea of recreating something similar to the picture in the slideshow of Rihanna blowing a bubble because I thought this would present my motives of making my magazine youthful and fun; my only concern is that this will hide my star’s face. Alternatively, my other ideas were to use very relaxed positions or place my model on a chair to further show the nonchalant attitude of a music celebrity. A dismissive attitude also has connotations with being “cool”, an idea I would definitely like to display my star as.