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Production meeting for shoot 1 (performance)

Production meeting agendas are an integral part of planning a shoot because they ensure all mise-en-scene decisions are made and prepared for in advance. We also needed to make sure that any camera equipment we needed was accounted for so to avoid any incidents on the day of forgetting kit.  Our plan was to shoot at 2 locations, inside and outside, over the course of 2 days. This meant that we had plenty of time to play with difference performance shots in each location. Our aim for this shoot was to get all of the performance shots so that next shoot all we need to film are the sock puppet illustrative shots.

Risk assessment

This is our risk assessment for our performance shoot 1. It is important to do a risk assessment to ensure that we have the necessary precautions in place and know what to do if something goes wrong in the worst case scenario. We sign it to agree that we will practice the safety measures we need to make sure our shoot runs smoothly.

Test Shoots

We did a test shoot for our music video in order to experiment with some shots and camera angles we may want to use to see which ones will work for our real performance shoot. This also helped me to practice lip syncing to the song so it looks more believable in the finished video. We did these test shots outside at school because we are planning to shoot outside for the actual footage so this means that we will be able to practice with the correct lighting and conditions.

Another reason why doing a test shoot is important is that we can practice using the Premiere Pro editing programme to edit our video together and get a feel for other effects or editing techniques the programme allows us to do.

What went well?

We were able to get an airial shot in the grass which was one of our key shots on our list, this turned out very well and the dappled light added another effect which we were not expecting but ended up really liking.

We added a title with Premiere Pro and were able to cut the footage together well.

We tried out multiple shots and so were able to see what would work for our real performance shoot and what wouldn’t.

Targets for next shoot

Get more different shots and angles for more variation throughout the video.

Practice positioning of the shots with the sock puppet props; they were not in the right place of the frame multiple times.

Perfect the lip syncing because although it wasn’t bad it could definitely be improved upon.

Experiment more with editing techniques and try different effects.


Visual shot list for shoot 1 (performance)

For inspiration for our performance shoot we’ve watched lots of music videos in the same genre of our song and from similar artists so that we can see what kind of shots we could use in our video. This was helpful because it gave us lots of ideas for more creative shots we can experiment with and also it helps us to visualize shots we’ve already thought of. By doing this we’ve been able to identify the typical camera conventions of an indie music video and what they usually consist of; below is a collection of shots we would like to try:

Made with Padlet

Permission from artist

For copyright purposes we must ask the artist of our chosen song if they give their permission for us to use it for educational purposes. In the instance that they do not reply we must still notify them of its’ use.


Describe your audience

In order to make a successful music video, we must understand who our audience is and what other media products they consume. Doing so makes it easier for us to cater our media to our target audience appropriately to ensure it fits the demographic of who are most likely to consume our media; thus making our video more popular and in sync with the music chosen.

The collage below picks out certain brands or interests our audience demographic would enjoy to show us what kind of direction we need to take our video in stylistically.

Our target audience are teenagers to young adults so around 16-25; the song we are using is in the indie genre so our audience will be interested in more alternative artists and trendy brands. Our demographic is also more individualist than mainstream artist listeners so we will take this into account when curating our star image in terms of what they will wear.

Pitch and feedback

Mini Pitch

Pitch meeting


Targets and feedback

The main feedback given was that we need to hone in our ideas into specific locations and shots which we will use, instead of just having a main concept.

Another critique was that we needed to decide the significance of the sock puppet idea, from this critique we’ve decided that every flashback to the star’s past relationship will be connoted through the sock puppets. This will help give the video the child-like and informal feel we are aiming towards.

Lastly, another change we’ve decided to make from our teacher’s feedback is to remove the idea of the side by side shots of her looking back onto her past relationship with flashbacks to the relationship in live action because it may come off too ‘cheesy’ or fake; thus why we chose to use the sock puppets instead.

However, our teacher did say that he liked our main theme and the child-like nature we’re adding to the video, another positive was also the idea of the sock puppets as it further adds to the youthful and innocent feel of the song.

He also liked the low-fi or ‘bedroom pop’ vibe to the pitch idea because it adds a daydream-like and surreal nature to the video which matches the artist’s tone of voice in the song chosen. The idea of surrealism will also allow us to experiment with animations and transitions which a more realist video would not allow.



Final Song Choice


The song we have chosen to use is ‘Pretty Girl’ by Clairo. We chose this song because the cover of the single gave us inspiration for the video by using a nature-centric and summery feel; this also is helpful because we are shooting most of it in the summer months so the mise-en-scene will match. Another reason why Emilie and I chose this song is because it’s in the indie/’bedroom pop’ genre; one which we both listen to and enjoy which means we understand the genre really well.




Perfect production group

To make sure the production of our music video runs smoothly our group has signed an agreement in which we have allocated each of us roles and agreed how we will sort out any problems we come across. This is important to do as it ensures that all of our voices and ideas are heard and we do not have any major disagreements which affect the outcome of music video.

Lip Syncing Exercise

In pairs we created a lip sync video to a popular song, this helped to allow us to be familiar with the equipment we will be working with whilst producing our own music videos. Unfortunately, we could not get access to a green screen but we were still able to practice using a DSLR to film and Adobe Premiere software to edit our video.

Dua Lipa ‘New Rules’ Lip Sinc

Lip syncing is an important factor of an effective music video because it allows the artist to express the emotions they want to convey in the song through how they sing it. For example, this song is an upbeat song about being independent and getting over an ex so we tried to look happy and confident to convey these messages.

What went well?

I think that we both managed to keep in time with the song for the most part, this is important because otherwise it becomes very difficult to edit if the performer is out of sync with the audio and the lip syncing becomes obvious.

Another thing that went well was the camera work because it is steady throughout the whole video and there is lots of variety with angles, creating a more interesting video.

Targets for next time?

Continuing on from having a variety of angles, when shooting my music video I need to have more variety of shots and settings as well as different camera positions otherwise the video seems one-note and repetitive if the same setting is used for the entire duration.

One obvious target from watching back the film is that I needed to look into the camera the entire time because it’s clear to the audience that there are lines which I’m reading alongside the camera. This will not be a problem when shooting my music video because I will have memorised the lyrics so will not be as dependent on cues.

Another target to focus towards in our next shoot is accentuating our facial movement to make our lip syncing clearer. This is because even at times when we are singing the correct words it is not obvious on camera because our movements are so subtle, making the audience believe that it isn’t really us singing.


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