Initial song ideas for a video – Mini pitch

I’ve put together 2 slides of mini pitches of my song ideas for a music video, I chose two very different songs so that I have 2 options for how I want my music video to be designed and also so I can adapt to the group I am working with if one of my pitches is chosen.

So… How’s is it going?

Since beginning this project I’ve learnt and developed loads of skills which I’ll be able to transfer into my everyday life and also into more media projects throughout the next two years. One skill in particular which will help in later media projects is learning the importance of folder management. Learning to be able to organise drafts, exports, PDFs and JPEGs is imperative to keeping all of my work in check because losing one of those files could be detrimental to my project because I would have to start it over again. It also helps to keep my computer drive organised and accessible so I can work on it efficiently.

Another skill I’ve developed through studying media is time management which is key to not running behind in my blog because there is so much content which needs to be prioritised correctly. For example, I’ve learnt to know what work needs to be done immediately and which blog posts can wait. Another instance when being time conscious is important is during a photo shoot, especially on location because you only have a set time slot with your model and setting to get the shots you need.

Overall, studying media is starting to help me develop and gain new skills which I’ll be able to use in later projects but that will also be helpful in everyday life too. In future, I hope to develop more computer skills like folder management and using Adobe which will help my projects run even more smoothly.

Draft of Contents Page

First Draft







I think that my first draft of my contents page is actually pretty accurate to my finished product, there are just a couple of changes that’ll improve it.

In my next draft, I need to:

  • retouch the picture on the right to make it look a bit more polished and accentuate the colours more
  • revisit some of my headlines
  • play around with some different design elements eg. lines and shapes to make it look a bit more exciting



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