Star Image – theirs and mine

In order to prepare for designing my star I have researched the star image of a famous country singer, Carrie Underwood. I looked into all the components that piece together to convey her star image including her music, performance, PR appearances, magazine covers and social media. This overall construction of a star is called a meta narrative.

UsingĀ Richard Dyer’s theory of the paradox of the star, it is clear that this applies to Underwood’s image as well. He said that these stars appear extraordinary (talented, amazing) and at the same time ordinary (they go shopping, fail driving tests etc). Dyer also stated that they are both present (eg. with social media we are able to interact with them) and absent (eg. during concerts on stage).

Below is my Prezi, which goes into detail about the meta narrative of Carrie Underwood.

Please click to view my Prezi

Using inspiration from other female country singers I have constructed a look for my cover model. I am planning to have one female cover star. My star will pose with a smile on her face and relaxed, open body language to portray her friendliness and the idea of a ‘girl next door.’ I am aiming for my star to come across as talented, strong and unreachable, whilst at the same time conveying she is ordinary, friendly and honest.

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