Favourite Music Video from Former Student

Below is my favourite music video created by a former student.

This is my favourite video as the lip syncing is good, the energy in the performance is great and attracts the audience and finally because it has a very balanced ratio of performance to narrative. We understand the narrative to be about a relationship of young love that turns sour. The narrative is very clear throughout as we see the happiness they have with each other, then the break up and the effects. This clear narrative enables the audience to view the video with ease as it’s easy to interpret.

The star has been very successful in their lip syncing which has definitely added to the overall success of the video. Also, through the use of MES the star has been presented as fun, loving and strong which are all conventional of a female pop star. Her costume also reflects that of a conventional pop music artist as it’s colourful, trendy and fashionable. This makes the video culturally relative and appealingĀ  to its viewers.

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