Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

Lip syncing is a very important part of a music video. It is crucial for the music video to be believable and for the audience to trust in the star. This is essential for their star image. In advance to recording I think it is important for the star to be aware not to over-enunciate as this makes it more difficult to edit and takes away from the realism which is important for the star’s image.  You must also ensure that your star’s appearance matches the artist’s grain of voice so that they fit the star’s image.

Using the footage taken at the green screen studio, I edited the clips together using Premier Pro, to form part of the, what would be, music video for Poker Face by Lady Gaga. This was great practice on how to lip sync and how to edit it to the audio. I learnt how to use markers in Premier Pro, which enabled me to mark the start of the lyrics or a key part in the song to then match up with the visual.

Below is a small section of the music video I have edited and put together:

What went well:

  • I have been able to use a variety of different shots including mid shots and long shots.
  • I also used a variety of angles.
  • The lip syncing is in time with the lyrics for the most part.

This lip syncing video could be improved by:

  • Adding transitions.
  • Increasing the cutting speed in various places to give the performance more energy.
  • Having more continuity with who is singing. This was not essential for this task, but when it comes to making my own music video, I will need to make sure it makes sense.

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