Production Skills Evaluation 2

For the past few lessons I have learnt many more skills. Main ones being technical and transferable skills. One of the main things that I have learnt recently is how to act on feedback which is given to us from peers. One thing that we had to do was record some of our peers watching our music video and we allowed them to stop it when they spotted something that would could think about improving on. For example, there were certain shots that they found were either too exposed, bumpy or exposed or the colour didn’t look correct on some shots.

Overall, I believe our music video is going well. There are some really good shots that we managed to get and then the design skills and techniques that we have acquired and developed has really helped to make this video better than it would have been if we didn’t learn these new skills. For example, the adjustment layer which allowed us to add on effects such as to stabilise or change the colour of the shots which really helped us to make the video footage good quality. Some shots needed to be less exposed and this allowed us to add colour and adjust the exposure on the shot to make it better, ensuring that our star image was represented as best as possible portraying across an energetic, confident and positive image.

However, there are some things that we could still improve on. For example, some of our shots were still either too exposed or had too much on one colour put on them. Therefore, we need to make sure that we play around with the colouring a bit more to make it so it’s the correct colouring and exposure to fit with the rest of the footage. Furthermore, we could also make the video better by making sure that the music video had continuity throughout the whole thing. For example, there was a part right at the end which didn’t make sense to our peers because continuity wasn’t kept and therefore the narrative was negatively impacted.


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