So… I am ready to photograph my star.

I have now planned what genre my magazine will be, who my cover star will be, what they will be wearing and how my photo shoot will be. From looking at past students work I know that the best shot for a cover star image is the medium shot for it will show enough of my star and and what they’re all about and will cover up a good portion of the page.

The mise-en-scene I will use is a big factor to how my magazine and star will be portrayed to my target audience. I plan to experiment with high key and low key lighting to see what will give me the best results but I mainly plan to use low key light to get that more dark feeling. For the costume I want it to stand out the my audience and have it clearly represent the rock genre but also be a bit casual to maybe let my audience relate to the star. So when It comes to the actual shoot for my music magazine “Omen” I will keep all of this factors in mind while also applying the skills I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks.

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