Design skills 1

Through the process of making my front covert and contents page for my magazine I have learned how to use multiple different tools and techniques on both photoshop and indesign.

These are the main tools that I use on photoshop to edit an image, normally I begin by taking the background of the image out with the quick selection tool and the eraser tool so I have a blank background so I could put my star in front of a background that’s more suited for my genre, being rock this could be a stone wall or an alley, however before I do that I use the adjustment tools and the spot healing brush tool to adjust the appearance of my star, this is normally getting rid of marks on their face and turning down their brightness.

After I’m finished photoshopping my image I export and place it in indesign to add it as part as on of my magazine pages. Above are all tools that I make use of in indesign. The main tools that I make use of are Are the type tool and the rectangle tool to get the basic text and shapes on my design. I then use the character side bar to adjust the text, where that’ll be font, size or colour and to adjust the shapes I made I use the top bar to change it;s colour ad borders and adjust it’s thickness. Doing all of this helps me create and show the mise-en-scene that I’m trying to go for in my magazine by changing the font, colour and shapes to to fit my mise-en-scene and overall feel to my magazine I’m aiming for.

During the making of my pages I believe that I showed a clear mise-en-scene through the layouts I create using indesign and through the edits I made to my stars in photoshop, to improve I can learn how change colours on better on photoshop like hair colour so it won’t look out of place and on indesign I could make use of other shapes and editing techniques to have more variety other than just rectangles. I have learnt how to make good use of each of these tools and skills through making my magazine pages and each time I find another tool or technique I can use to improve my layout and mise-en-scene. These tasks have helped me understand and make use of both indesign and photoshop and I will put these skills to use in future projects.

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