Design Skills 2

Through the process of making the double page spread for my music magazine I learned and used different skills and techniques to help it continue the style and mise-en-scene of the rock genre being dark and grungy so I stuck the same colour pallet of red, black and white, however by using different techniques that I’ve learned I’ve made it so my double page spread has a layout different to my other pages while also keeping the style of the other pages

Firstly on Photoshop I used the same tools the edit and cut my images so it could be place on my page but this time I used the zoom tool so I could go in further on the image to cut out even the smallest bit of unwanted background colour to overall make my image more smoother. In addition this time I created the background for my double page spread by using the shape tool and brush tool, with the shape tool I cover the whole page with a black rectangle and then with the brush tool went across diagonally on the page to make a red design on it, which became my background.

On Indesign I had my image largely placed on the centre of the double page spread and my text place on both sides next to it, so to make the layout of the page more smooth and better to look at used the pencil tool to draw an invisible shape around my image to wrap my text around so it looks like the paragraph is going down his arm, however what would have been better is that all the text that I used was wrapped around my image except for just one paragraph which could have been done by moving the paragraphs or making my star image smaller to make some of the paragraphs bigger.

These skills and techniques have helped me portray my rock genre and narrative through the editing of my images and layout, with these skills I have been able to keep these aspects of my magazine consistent. Through making the pages of my magazine this has helped me learn how to use each of the tools in both Photoshop and Indesign to perform various techniques to edit my images and text which overall makes my pages look better and improve the portrayal of my rock mise-en-scene, these are all skills and techniques that are very useful to me and that I will use when making future creations on both Photoshop and Indesign.

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