So… How is it going?

Through the making of each of my magazine pages I have used the way I have edited my images and layout to clearly reflect my brand and genre through the use of consistency of font and colour in the each page. I am happy with how my pages turned, the red, black and white colour scheme really helped when it came to portraying the more dark and grunge of the rock genre that I was trying to show.

In addition the editing of the images of my stars in Photoshop also help show this for I believe they were also done very well as each image was cut so it would fit in the magazine page and I also edited the brightness and colour of the image so my stars would fit the genre better, for example in the normal pictures Nic has blonde hair but I edited the images so he would have black hair which went really well, these helped to reflect my brand as it made it so my stars fit in the genre even better making it easier portrayed to the audience.

Though there are improvements that can be made I am overall happy with my magazine page drafts as through doing them I have learned how to use Photoshop and Indesign to a better extent and how to use them to reflect my brand which I now also have a better understanding of how to do so through these tasks and will use this as reference for my future work.

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