Narrative development

This is a three point structure for the narrative section of our music video, here we have descriptions of each part of the narrative beginning, middle and end each including the ideas and themes explored in each section, how the story would be progressed in that section and what will we see to show what is happening.

In the beginning we already have a disequilibrium  as our character is shown to be depressed and alone or it could be implied this is the equilibrium for our character for this is everyday life for him, in the middle things worsen as others come in only to bully/attack him, this makes his mental state worsen which will be shown with camera angles and lighting, Finally in the end as it is about to reach its climax our character is “saved” by the star this helps our character which is shown by colour getting light and the camera angles calming down, throughout the whole narrative there will be mise-en-scene shots that will be visual metaphors that reflect our characters mind.

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