Shoot reflection (performance)

Overall I believe that that shot mas moderately successful, we managed to acquire the variety of shots we were aiming for in the drama studio with an additional extra shots that we would be able to include in our edit. In addition the performers we had did their jobs very well, each of them acting their best showing full commitment to the process, producing good results in good looking drumming, guitar playing and lip syncing. However there are improvements that can be made as some shots are unusable in our edit, this is in result of them being blurry, shaky, not long enough or just unsatisfactory, because of this I would not mind doing a second shoot as that would help us correct mistakes from the first shoot and obtain more creative shoots for us to use.


  • Improve the quality of some of our shoots.
  • Obtain more shots or our front-man and guitarist.
  • Make use more of the lighting for better shots.
  • Keep camera on tripod/ attempt to keep it still the majority of the time.
  • Acquire shots with different angles and framing techniques.

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