Star image planning

Here is a moodboard that consists of pictures representing the star image of the stars from our chosen genre alternative rock. Here we have gathered pictures, tweets, etc to show how stars in this genre are stereotypically represented. So for example we have pictures of both 3 and 4 man bands that convey the generic structure of an alternative rock band and in each picture they are wearing more casual and informal clothing making their image more relatable and down to earth. To add on to this the tweets are used to show how they are in their everyday life and presents the metanarrative how they are laid back, chill and just like everyone else. All of the points we have made and added to our moodboard are conventions that are considered blueprints of our genre, to satisfy our audience. This is what they find interesting and aesthetically pleasing so they must be included.  A bunch laid back, fun yet relatable individuals.

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